8 Best Hot Tubs For Cold Weather Home – Your Best Digs Update

Tired of freezing during the winter and needing a solution after a long day at work to relax and enjoy the moment as you down a glass of wine? This could be made possible in the comfort of your home. Hot tubs For Cold Weather are considered a luxury tool and will have a luxury price tag on them from the maintenance and the running of the Hot tubs For Cold Weather.

The right hot tub will offer you a warm cushion during the winter season and have you enjoy your evenings in the Hot tubs For Cold Weather. Providing a spa-like experience at home will not be the end of it as it will allow you to save on energy with easy assembly and the right specifications.

This article will be informative to you who are in search of the right Hot tubs For Cold Weather for your personal needs. It covers the specifications of the model and the pros and cons of each hot tub giving you the reason to get one.

A quick summary;

Best Pick + Editor’s

Coleman 13804-BW SaluSpa

“Best Hot Tubs. It offers great suction, maneuverability, and an affordable price. Highly recommended”

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Second Best:

Bestway SaluSpa Miami Inflatable

“Highly recommended suction Hot Tubs For Cold Weather Enjoyable”

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Bestway SaluSpa 71″ x 26″

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Best Hot Tubs For Cold Weather

Hot Tubs For Cold  WeatherPriceRating
1. Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble$$$9.6
2. Bestway SaluSpa Miami Inflatable$$$9.3
3Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable$$$9.1
4. Essential Hot Tubs 22-Jet Cape$$$9.4
5.Bestway SaluSpa 71″ x 26″$$$9.5
6. LIFE SMART 4-Person Plug$$$9.1

1. LIFE SMART 4 Person Plug & Play Square Hot Tub Spa with 13 Jets

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The idea of getting pampered in the comfort of your home should not be far-fetched. The LIFE SMART is powered by 13 hydrotherapy high-powered jet that makes it easy for you to get pampered, giving you a spa experience in the comfort of your home. The convenient selection command of the settings makes it easy to operate on the hot tub.

The setting up of this hot tub is easy and will only need a couple of minutes to have it up and running, no wiring or installation will be needed. The LED lighting experience underwater will bring the spa home with multiple colors.

The dimensions of the lifes mart hot tub are as follows (L x W x H) 70 x 61 x 32 inches with a temperature range of 40-104 degrees.

Product information

  • model number: FF-SMPLCTY,
  • ASIN:  B003G45CKK
  • Manufacturer:  LIFE SMART
  • The LED lighting under the water improves the experience
  • 13 hydrotherapy powered jet allowing you to relax
  • Easy maneuvering of the settings
  • You will get value for your money
  • Easy installation, you will plug it on and be able to use it.
  • The controls were faulty and did not last one year.
  • Customers complained of the delivery taking too long

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2. Bestway 60038E St Hot Tub Spa White And Gray

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We all need to relax at some point and the help of the Coleman SaluSpa allows you to do so with the simple switch of a button, from the massage system to the soothing air-jet, integrated water filtration system, and the rapid heating system.

The leatheroid pool cover will be sure to have your spa secured at all times with the double safety lock pins and his built-in air chamber for insulation giving you peace of mind. The controls are digitally operated and with the simple touch of the control panel will have you sorted out.

It will see the water heated up to 104 degrees and the temperature regulated with the heating system.

This hot tub will hold up to a maximum of 6 adults. The TriTech inflated walls of this hot tub ensure durability with the floor cushioned to offer comfort and with the presence of a drain valve. At all times you will be safe as the pump and the hot tub have been pre-tested with the ground fault circuit interrupter that trips at 6mA

Product information

  •  Model number: 54131E
  •  Weight: 88 pounds
  • Dimensions: 77 x 78 x 28 inches
  • The TriTech material ensuring for durability
  • The leatheroid pool cover that secures the hot tub all through
  • Pre-testing ensures safety at all times
  • Has a large capacity holding up to 6 adults
  • The rapid heating system will have your hot tub ready and running
  • You have to reset the GFCI as it automatically shuts off
  • Complained of the directions being misleading

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3.BestwaySaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub, 4-Person AirJet Spa

  • Superior strength and durability
  • Operate from inside the hot tub.
  • Simple setup and maintenance.
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Expect a luxurious spa treatment from this hot tub allowing you to soak yourself in the 120-bubble jet soak. A dimension of 71” x 26” allows it to hold a maximum capacity of 4 adults.

The operation of the hot tub and switching between the settings could be easily done in the comfort of the tub with the digital control panel being at arm’s reach. The automation of this hot tub has the power-saving timer to the right temperature 3 days before.

The material on this hot tub is Tri-Tech and the I-beam construction ensures the shape of your tub is maintained all through

The maintenance of this hot tub is close to none and you will require no tools to have it up and running. It comes with a cover that ensures the water temperatures are maintained and keeps the water in your pool clean from leaves rain and debris. The lift handles on this hot tub make it easy to carry around ad more portable when deflated.

Product information

  • Dimensions: 71 x 71 x 16 inches
  • ASIN: B00HRT863U.
  •  Weight: 53.9 pounds
  • The handles make it easy to carry around when deflated
  • The Tri-Tech material ensures the durability of this hot tub
  • Comes with a cover that ensures the temperature is maintained
  • Easy set up and plug in to have it up and running
  • The maintenance of this hot tub is much easy
  • The heater is not all-seasoned

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4. Essential Hot Tubs 14-Jet Newport Hot Tub-Millstone

  • ALL-SEASON: 1kW/4kW(120V/240V).
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This hot tub provides passive therapy and an invigorating massage with the simple touch of a button with the 14 stainless steel jets making it all worthwhile.

Holding a capacity of 3-4 adults with the contour seating style will allow you to sink into a whole-body massage while offering enough space for three other individuals. It offers easy set-up and within a couple of minutes, you will be set to enjoy your spa.

The all-season stainless steel heater will have you enjoying the hot tub all year round. The heavy-duty cover is insulated preventing heat from escaping with the locking clips keeping it secure all the time. It is manufactured in the USA and you would get assistance in the case of any questions.

Product information

  • Model Number: 14-Jet,
  • Weight: 360 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 70.5 x 61 x 29.5 inches
  • An insulated tapered cover that maintains the heat
  • The contour seating style that offers full body massage
  • The all-season heater ensures you enjoy the hot tub the whole year
  • Quite affordable when compared to the rest
  • The stainless steel jets are just powerful enough
  • Poor customer service as the technicians take time before showing up
  • A small holding capacity suitable for 3-4 adults

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5. Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

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This hot tub goes the extra mile to have an in-built hard water treatment which makes the water gentle on your skin offering a soothing experience over time. The inclusion of an insulated cover with the locks ensures the minimization of heat loss while providing a safety measure.

The Intex 77 PureSpa offers simple maintenance with the simple replacement of the filter cartridges to continue enjoying the clean refreshing water. This hot tub offers a seating capacity of 4 adults and holds up to 210gallons of water with temperatures ranging between 68 degrees to 104 degrees

This hot tub is accompanied by the following to ensure its efficient running, a carry bag enabling you to move around with ease, a floating pool chlorine dispenser a thermal ground cloth, an inflation hose, and 2 filter cartridges.

Product information

  • MODEL NUMBER: 28403E
  • DIMENSIONS: 77 x 77 x 28 inches.
  • Offers a solution to hard water giving you clean water
  • The filter cartridges make maintaining the pool much easy
  • Easy set-up and will rapidly heat the water to 104 degrees
  • You get value for your money
  • The chlorine dispenser ensures your water is treated at all times
  • Complains of the base unit needing replacement more than once

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6. Essential Hot Tubs 24-Jet Rainier Hot Tub-Espresso

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The simple selection to switch between passive therapy to an invigorating massage is achieved with the touch of a button, with the 24 stainless steel jets offering the needed relaxation.

This hot tub offers a large holding capacity of 5-6 adults with the seating style being contoured allowing you to choose your seating space. The easy plug into the 120v/15A outlet makes the installation setup process much easier. The inclusion of a GFCI cord lets you be safe

The heater is all-season with the stainless steel offering service all year round despite climate change. The insulated tapered cover has locking clips included and the material offers top-notch durability. The manufacturers are based in the USA.

Product information

  • Manufacturer: Essential Hot Tubs.
  •  Dimensions: 84 x 84 x 34 inches.
  • Weight: 535 pounds
  • It has a large holding capacity of 5-6 individuals
  • The easy setup of this hot tub is impressive
  • The stainless steel heater is all-season and will work all year round
  • The clips on the insulated tapered cover keep the hot tub safe all through
  • The durability offered by this hot tub is unmatched
  • Customers complained of the heater not staying on all through
  • The descriptions of the product are not what you will get

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7. Essential Hot Tubs 22-Jet Cape Town Hot Tub-Cobblestone

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The 22 stainless steel jets on this hot tub will have you maneuver through the settings with simple switches with the simple touch of a button allowing you to relax through your passive therapy or the invigorating massage.

This hot tub offers plenty of space with a bench that holds 4-5 adults each getting a deep therapeutic massage. You will need a couple of minutes to have it up and running with a simple plug-in of 120v/15A outlet and a GFCI cord inclusion

The all-season balboa heater allows you to enjoy your hot tub all year. The material is heavy-duty and comes with an insulated tapered cover with locking clips included to secure your hot tub. It is manufactured in the USA and you do not have to worry about the fixtures from the manufacturer.

Product information

  • MODEL NUMBER: 22-Jet.
  • WEIGHT: 285 pounds.
  • DIMENSIONS: 76 x 76 x 32 inches
  • It has a large holding capacity of 4-5 adults
  • The all-season heater letting you enjoy the hot tub all through the year
  • Easy set up taking up only a couple of minutes
  • Easy to maneuver through the settings with the simple touch of a button
  • The 22 stainless steel jets offer a relaxing experience
  • Some customers complained of the control panel being faulty after some time
  • Customer service is on the down low as they are not able to offer the needed support

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8. Bestway SaluSpa 71″ x 26″ Helsinki AirJet Inflatable Tub

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The essential hot tubs offer a relaxing experience with the 30 stainless steel adjustable jets that offer from passive therapy to invigorating massage with the simple touch of a button as you relax.

It holds a capacity of 5-6 adults with the design offering chairs giving you enough room. It will require a couple of minutes o have this all set up and running with the simple plug-into 120V/15A outlet, and a GFCI cord included.

You do not have to worry about the manufacturer being too far to have it fixed as it is manufactured in the USA. The material used is heavy-duty with the all-season stainless steel heater provided all through the year with the insulated cover offering locking clips.

Product information

  • ASIN: B079YQJNT3.
  • Weight: 630 pounds.
  •  Dimensions: 74 x 74 x 34 inches
  • Durability offered is unmatched
  • The tapered cover offers locking clips protecting it all through
  • Offers enough spaces for up to 6 adults
  • The simple selection of the massage to pick from
  • Easy and simple installation process
  • Heats up pretty fast
  • The seats are comfortable
  • Some customers complained of the directions on the manual are vague
  • Maybe a little difficult to lay it out alone

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After thorough research on the hot tubs in the market, the team gave a list of hot tubs that were able to be reviewed. Some factors came into play as important and it was important to have them in the review. Among the hot tubs mentioned above the team picked the Essential Hot Tubs 24-Jet Rainier Hot Tub being the best on the list.

This tub holds a capacity of 5-6 individuals with the contour seating style being able to offer full body massage. The 24 stainless steel jets are powered and offer a relaxing therapy experience allowing you to switch between the settings with the simple touch of a button.

It offers quite minimal time to have you inside the tub enjoying after a simple plug into the 120V/15A. The All-Season heater on this hot tub will have you enjoying the tub all year through. The insulated cover can minimize heat loss saving you energy. This hot tub will meet all your needs in the comfort of your home.

Hot Tub Buying Guide

When looking for hot tubs look at them more practically. This is the way I look whenever am shopping for a hot tub. Many qualities make a hot tub the best buy. The process is fairly simple and it involves matching up the right spa for the actual needs.

By following a series of information-revealing questions, one will be able to match the features and benefits to the right tub.

Hot Tips for Choosing a Hot Tub

Tip #1 Buy the Business before Purchasing

Do you know that old story about the snake oil salesman? Well, a good hot tub salesman will “Qualify” their customers.  Choosing a dealer is just as important as choosing the product itself. Do your homework and pick a business with a solid reputation and one that will make owing a joy, not a hassle.

Tip # 2 Think Out Of The Box.

Looks can be deceiving. It’s advisable to take the time to scout around in a “wet test” to find the best buy. There are off-brand or stripped-down versions of brand-name hot tubs at lower prices with limited insulation and noisy pumps. Chances are that the low price you scored will end up costing you in the long run. You will not want to throw away your hard-earned into something not worth it.

Tip #3 Type of Hot Tub

The space available in your home will determine how big or small and what type of tub you should get. If you love the outdoors and have a spacious yard or porch you might want to consider having an outdoor spa or hot tub.

Nonetheless, there are hundreds of hot tubs for sale in the market that come in different shapes, designs, colors, and sizes. But there are four basic types of hot tubs and it’s important to be aware of each type before making any purchasing decisions.

Above-ground acrylic hot tubs

These are said to be portable and usually have a fiberglass or foam under-structure, plus a wood or synthetic cabinet.

Moving an acrylic hot tub is easier said than done. They need a firm foundation like a concrete slab. One of these might also need an electric outlet for the heater.

They will likely have a longer life span if placed in a shaded area because the sun seems to cause damage to the acrylic surface.

Inflatable and Portable Hot Tubs

These truly are portable compared to other types, but more portable can also mean less durable. These hot tubs are geared toward the family or individual who wants a Jacuzzi, but cannot afford the price of a typical spa.

As with other types, inflatable tubs do have their pros and cons. The cheaper cost can be considered a pro and so can the portability of the product. If you move from one house to another, you can pack it and take it with you.

A con to think about is that the inflatable tub is designed from vinyl, nylon, or plastic – not the strongest materials. Another con is the blower system which fails to keep the water temperature where you set it.

Wooden Hot Tubs

First of all, better and more durable than an inflatable tub and costs less on average than acrylic spas. They are typically made from cedar, teak, or redwood and they are above-ground spas. These hot tubs offer a simple design and can be slightly deeper than other hot tubs. They also provide a woodsy scent which is a plus.

Wooden Jacuzzis also must have a firm foundation, but it isn’t a must electric outlet if you get one that is heated by gas or wood. Some people may consider it a con that wooden tubs generally do not come with powerful jets and they also need more maintenance than those other spas. The wood is only as good as the care it’s given.

Periodically, the spa must be drained and allowed to dry completely so that it can be re-stained and sealed.

In-ground spas

These are the most expensive spas available. The installation alone is expensive and requires digging and plumbing. These hot tubs won’t be moved once installed.

Of course one of these has seating accommodations. These are the most expensive when it comes to upkeep, but most owners find them worth the effort.

They heat better, and faster, and offer visual appeal. All of these features are sure to draw the attention of a potential home buyer.

Outdoor tubs are generally made with sturdy and durable materials that can withstand natural elements and changing weather. It is available in different sizes which are perfect for couples and big groups as well.

On the other hand, indoor tubs are more fitting for people who want privacy and have enough space indoors. Indoor tubs are also heavy so it is recommended that you install a sturdy platform that can support its weight.

Tip# 4 Consider the Level of Comfort

Our bodies are only about one-tenth of their weight when submerged in water. The muscles and ligaments can relax because they do not need to support that weight and after a hard day’s work a hot tub can prove especially relaxing for soothing those worn-out muscles and stimulating blood circulation throughout your body.

So whenever you are trying out the hot tub, consider how comfortable you are. Also, choose a color that best relaxes your eyes. As per the design, some hot tubs are made to contour to the form of a body. If you plan on spending quite a bit of time in the tub you’ll want to be sure that you are comfortable.

Tip # 5 Remember Add-Ons Can Add Up.

When choosing, analyze the total cost, including delivery, energy costs, water care products, and covers. Some hot tubs have T.V., stereos, saltwater generators, and some cool lighting packages. And of course let’s not forget, you can get any kind of jet known to mankind at a spa that will give you that perfect massage that you’re looking for.

Do you want one with fixed or interchangeable jets for specific body area massages or an entire body water workout? Is your hot tub for therapeutic purposes or just for fun relaxation in the company of family or friends? Do care for a music system or the soothing sound of waves? Perhaps you want a portable spa?

This will nonetheless affect the price tag of the hot tub besides the size of the tub. Add-up costs such as Leveling, on-site installation, instruction, and operation shouldn’t incur such charges.

Tip #6 Cleaning And Maintenance

If you want easy-to-maintain and clean tubs you can go for plastic tubs or ceramics. Wood tubs on the other hand fit, those who want a traditional warm bath combined with easy cleaning and efficiency.

Tip #7 Warranty

Warranties are very important when it comes to purchasing a hot tub. A warranty can go a long way in saving you money throughout the life of your tub.

Some products offer 10 years warranty for the tub shell, 7 years for the tub surfaces, and a 5-year warranty for the equipment, heating system, and plumbing parts.

The warranties are your assurances that the hot tub can withstand years of use. Without an effective warranty, you could end up having to pay for unnecessary and sudden expenses on your own.

Tip# 8 Other Specifications

Check out the tub’s dimensions, spa shell construction, water capacity, weight and seating capacity, seating style, number and types of jets, insulation, pumps, heat controls, water lighting, and water filtration.

Though both of these types may look the same on the outside, they are very different when it comes to how they run and use energy. You also be hit with higher energy bills.

Insufficient insulation causes the consumption of more energy because more energy has to be used to maintain heat at a constant.

Most hot tubs have sanitation features. They have water filters (which you will need to clean or replace from time to time). There also are chemicals that you will need to put in the water to make sure that it is clean and bacteria-free.

To wrap things up, Be a smart shopper and you can soak up the benefits for years to come.


At times it gets unceasingly freezing and you would like to get soaked up in a hot tub. Picking the right hot tub to have your needs met at all times will be the solution to your relaxation needs. Soaking up in the right temperatures will let you have an easy evening in the comfort of your home while enjoying a bottle of wine.

Maybe a good addition to the household items for the family to spend more time together soaked in the hot tub. Some of these hot tubs go the extra mile to provide room during summer letting you convert it to a cooling pool.


What temperature is too cold for the hot tub?

Lower hot tub temperatures are known to save money, in the case where your climate is warm and you would desire a spa during the summer. Having the water at 40 degrees when the climate temperature is at 39 degrees may not be as appealing to you.

To allow the water to cool off completely you will need to turn off the hot tub heater to have the right temperatures in the hot tub. This will allow you to have a cooling pool in the summer to relax away from the heat.

If you live in a cold climate it is not recommended to have the heater at 29 degrees and neither is turning off the heater recommended in winter. The need to save energy during this period will have you to incur losses instead with the replacement of burst pipes and damaged hardware attracting more costs instead.

In the cold climate or winter, you will need to have your pipes insulated by wrapping to prevent them from freezing and save you costs for repairs in the long run.

Do inflatable hot tubs work in cold weather?

Yes, your inflatable hot tub would work perfectly in cold weather. Making use of your hot tub for relaxation in the winter will be much more helpful than you know.  This will work perfectly in the winter and not in any other weather. If it is not wintering you ought to have your inflatable hot tub covered or simply deflated and moved into the house. It should remain deflated all through until the time comes to use it again and have it set up.

It will be more favorable to use your inflatable hot tub in the winter. Making use of it in the winter is more cost-effective and will have you warm all through. Have the water in the hot tub drained and clean the inside getting rid of any residue or materials left behind. Have the vents and the filters cleaned well, but do it more thoroughly when shutting down the filter.

Fill the hot tub with water, making use of the manual to select the appropriate mode to have it functioning optimally in cold weather. Each hot tub brand has different settings you could pick from to work best for you.

It works perfectly to ensure you are protected from the freeze and maintain the water all through at warm temperatures.  Making use of the cover will save you money as it will retain extra heat within the tub. This is so that the pump will not need to reheat the water now and then. This will be less taxing for you as you enjoy your time in the hot tub at low costs all through.

Can you leave a hot tub outside in winter?

Feeling lazy to cover your hot to in the winter or do not have space under the roof for your hot tub, well here is something you should know about leaving your hot tub outside in the winter. The heavy snow on the hot tub will not be a good thing, with the weight compressed on the covers will have the edges of your hot tub lifted.

Using a shovel to get rid of the snow will also not be of much help. This is so because the blade of the shovel may ruin the cover letting the cover collect water which is not a good thing. This will impact the lifespan of your hot tub negatively as it will reduce its ability to insulate.

Make use of a broom instead to have the snow cleared off the hot tub. In the case of an ice storm, you are advised to tarp the hot tub. Once the storm is over you could get rid of the tarp where the ice will come out with it.

How much does your electric bill go up with your hot tub?

The need to relax your body after a long day is essential. Some prefer a glass of wine over a book and some would prefer spending most of their evening soaked in a hot tub enjoying a glass of wine. For the latter, getting the hot tub at home will be the best idea for a relaxing experience in the comfort of your home. Getting a hot tub is a luxury.

Luxury items do attract luxury prices and luxury maintenance. A hot tub will need maintenance and top-notch cleanliness for you to continue enjoying your soaked sessions. The need to keep your water warm and the circulation of your water in the hot tub will require electricity and will have an impact on your energy bill at the end of the month.

The current manufacturers have taken into consideration o inform you how much it would cost you to have the hot tub on. They equate the energy consumption to one dollar in a single day and would rise to 50 dollars at the end of the month on a high note.

You ought to consider the consumption of the heater of the hot tub by being keen on the watts the heater draws. This may be between 1500 watts to 6000 watts. Not only s the heater a suspect in the consumption of energy but also the pump which sees the consumption of energy up to 1500 watts. The energy consumption of your hot tub is mainly dependent on the cost unit of a single watt in an hour, the climate you are in, and the usage of the hot tub

You would like to know the amount of money you would need to have the hot tub running and serving you great before purchasing your hot tub. This may be hard to get the exact figures because of the different factors that make it hard to do so. The only hope you have is purchasing a new hot tub which is improved and bound to be more energy-efficient with the recent improvement in technology and the use of innovative ideas.

The climate you are in will greatly affect the cost of energy consumption. In the winter it will have you spending a little less to have the tub warm all through. The heater of the tub will work continuously in this cold climate.

A hot tub will in general cost you 1 dollar to run in a single day, this is in terms of modern hot tubs, electricity cost, and your climate. On the high end, the cost will rise to 50 dollars in a single month.

Can you keep a hot tub cold in summer?

Best Hot Tubs For Cold Weather

The need to purchase a summer tub to cool off your body during the heatwave in summer is inevitable. Well, the good news is, if you have your hot tub, it could serve you great as a cool tub in the summer.

This would not need much adjustment to have it up and running as a cool tub, in fact, in a matter of a couple of minutes a cooling tub will be up and running cooling your body.

The only challenge you will encounter is the fact that the hot tubs do not have coolers to maintain the low temperatures of your water. A large number of hot tubs in the market have settings that see temperatures maintained below 100 degrees.

To cool your body off you don’t need the water freezing. You only need a temperature below your body temperature to cool you off and it will be of great assistance.

When making use of your hot tub as a cooling tub, depending on the setting configuration the selection of modes may be referred to differently but all the hot tubs available in the market do provide for the standard settings.

Sleep. This selection is normally decoded as SL or SLP, which has temperatures as low as 20 degrees and will be heated up during the filtration cycles. The selection of this particular model and setting the spa to the lowest settings will continuously maintain the low temperatures of your tub and cool you off.

You will be able to find some of the hot tubs mostly those manufactured in the mid-west has these techniques in the construction of your tub. The settings selections have the summer mode option that allows the user to select with a simple button press. You may also need to refer to the manual available.

Some of the hot tubs in the market come with additional configurations that allow you to control the temperatures of your tub Best Plug and Play Hot Tub for Cold Climates. The EliteSpas control will enable you to select the temperature suitable for the particular weather or tone you need. The need to reduce the temperatures will leave all the other settings the same letting you enjoy your days in the summer.

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