CL220 Off-line vs CL200 in-line vs CL100 Pool Automatic Chlorinator – Our Top Pick

When it comes to maintaining a clean and safe swimming pool, proper chlorine levels are critical. Choosing the right automatic chlorinator can make a big difference in the overall health and cleanliness of your pool.

The CL220 offline, CL200 in-line, and CL100 pool automatic chlorinators are all popular options that offer different features and benefits.

In this article, we will compare these three models to help you determine which one is best suited for your needs.

We will discuss the differences between offline and in-line chlorinators, as well as the pros and cons of each model. With this information, you can make an informed decision about which chlorinator is best for you and your pool.

First, here is a summary of our findings:

Our Top Pick

CL220 Off-line Automatic Pool Chlorinator

Second Pick

CL200 in-line Automatic Chemical Feeder

CL220 Off-line vs CL200 in-line vs CL100 Pool Automatic Chlorinator Our Top Pick

Item Material Function Check price
ABS valve body Easy-Lok threaded CL220 Off-lineCheck Price on Amazon
ABS body along Plumbed inline after the filter. CL200 in-line Check Price on Amazon
Latest ABS material Purification more Efficient Hosile CL100 Check Price on Amazon
Easy threaded cover Nylon bristles will Remove most Stubborn Automatic Chlorinator Check Price on Amazon

CL220 Off-line Automatic Pool Chlorinator

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This automatic pool chlorine feeder is a cost-effective option for pool chlorinators that use their pools frequently. This feature also removes the need for manual adjustments. The automatic feeder is designed to work with Hayward above-ground chlorine generator types without specific settings or modifications.

It may be set up in minutes without the use of any special tools. This simple above-ground pool chlorine feeder will rapidly and effectively administer automated chlorine to your pool.

The unit is designed to work with Hayward chlorine generators so it can be simply switched out if you wish to use a different brand of the same model. This function also eliminates the need for any manual adjustments because it works independently of other functions on your pool equipment. On the side, the threaded cap allows it to be conveniently placed.

Adjusting the chlorine level can be a bit tricky and time-consuming. Speedy and easy to use, this automatic pool chlorinator saves time and money by keeping the chlorine level at the proper concentration. This chlorination system combines an electrically-pumped foam additive with a mineral-based tablet selector.

The foam is electrically pumped into the chlorine solution to keep it clean and fresh. The powerful 2-stage action of the automatic chlorinator makes it easy and convenient to maintain a safe and effective chlorine concentration. The foam increases the dissolved oxygen levels, while the selective tablet selector keeps the desired amount of chlorine tablets in solution.

The innovative design of the CHL220 is not only safe and simple to use, but also the unique finger release button design additionally increases the safety of use. It is also very easy to maintain with the automatic drainage feature. It is an ideal accessory for home swimming pools.

The CL220 is an easy to install, cost-effective pool chlorination system that will provide excellent water quality for your family’s personal needs. The 360° omnidirectional design allows the unit to be positioned in the center of the pool bottom to fully control water flow in all directions.

The control panel features a color LED display, an easy-to-understand graphic display, and simple controls for one-touch operation. The system features auto-start/stop, auto-reset at power failure, and reverse function to ensure safe operation in any environment. A built-in sump pump ensures safe operation even when the power is out.

How does it work?

The automatic pool chlorinator system, CL220, is a powerful and efficient way to keep your swimming pool safe and clean all summer long. The system works by placing the chlorine tablets at regular intervals according to the pressure difference of the pool.

Thus, when the pressure in the pool becomes lower than the pressure in the chlorination system, the chlorine tablets are released. The tablets decompose in the water, and then release free chlorine into the pool and balance the amount of chlorine and bromine in the water. The result is clean, clean water that’s safe for swimmers and other pool users.

This automatic pool chlorinator is designed to provide an efficient method of pumping water through the water feeder. It will automatically switch on for 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, ensuring that the water in the pool is always fresh and clean.

The unit’s operation can be controlled by setting the automatic timer or manually with switches. The Afloat valve ensures an even water flow which will reduce the occurrence of algae and provide a crystal clear pool.

Tools included

The CL220 is a complete package that automatically controls pool water quality parameters such as pool water treatment, chlorine injection, and pH management. A PVC hose, clamp, gasket, and Teflon tape are included in the package for connection to the pool pump, as well as installation accessories such as a PVC hose, clamp, gasket, and Teflon tape. All common pool pumps are compatible with the CL220 automatic chlorinator.

The CL220 Off-line Automatic Pool Chlorinator has a 12-hour solution response time and a one-year warranty.

Product Features

  • 12-hour solution
  • The tablets decompose in the water
  • One-year warranty.
  • Easy to install.


  • The CL220 is extremely easy to install and operate.
  • It comes with all the necessary parts and installation accessories.
  • CL220 has a 12-hour solution response time and is factory guaranteed for 1 year.


  • The product is not very durable and can break down after a few months of use.

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CL200 in-line Automatic Chemical Feeder Chlorine

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The CL200 will not only keep your pool clean but will also save you time with the required daily chemical feedings. It does this by working with your existing pump and fittings. It is easy to install and maintain, requiring no special knowledge or skill.

The best way to keep your pool clean and sanitized is by adding chlorine to the water. This automatic chemical feeder works with your existing pump and automatically discharges chlorine into your pool water for a sanitary and safe environment.

The small size delivers a dose of chlorine at a precise rate, making it easy to use. A simple twist on or off is all you need to ensure easy operation. A convenient carry handle makes it easy for you to carry around when moving from pool to pool.

This in-line feeder is compatible with Hayward pumps in the CL200 series. It features an automatic chemical feed system that allows for simple feed rate adjustment. This in-line feeder has a 2″ inlet and offers an easy-to-read backlit display.


The CL200 connects to both branch and inline filter systems. The outlet ports allow for application with 50 GPM to 90 GPM flow rates and let you choose between 9 settings from “off” to “full” by turning the dial control valve. After connecting the hose, water flows into the CL200 and your pump’s hose fitting. With a hose length of up to 100 feet, this unit can be used in hard-to-reach places where other chemical feeders cannot reach.

ABS body and a high-quality Viton seal.

The chemical feeder has a high-quality Viton seal fitted with self-lubricating pins to keep the seal lubricated at all times. This makes the chemical feeder suitable for use in water systems where water constantly circulates, the chemical feeder will not dry out. The chemical feeder has a low-level float switch that allows for automatic shut-off when the tank level reaches the set minimum.

Simple Installation

This Hayward in-line chlorinator is designed specifically to fit the CL200. This replacement chlorinator does not have a check valve. Unlike the CL200, this chlorinator does not have a built-in safety feature of being able to be paused when the water level is low.

The installation of this chlorinator is simple, there are no electrical components to install, no batteries needed, and no special tools are required. It simply hooks up to your existing faucet.

Products Features

  • 50 GPM to 90 GPM flow rates
  • 9 settings
  • Easy Lok threaded
  • Its abs body along


  • it also offers greater flexibility and convenience.
  • The CL220 is quiet, efficient, and low maintenance.
  • It requires less physical labor to use than the other models.


  • It might be inconvenient to use.
  • It is also rather expensive for just a simple chlorinator.

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Hosile CL100 Pool Automatic Chlorinator Feeder

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Hayward CL100 provides the convenience of automatic chlorination without the worry of chlorine/bromine levels. With the CL-100, you will enjoy clean water all year round, so your pool stays clean and clean-looking. This automatic feeder is an integral part of Hayward’s Aquasaver system, designed to allow you to enjoy swimming season after season.

At the same time, it will reduce the chance of green algae growth in your pool. That’s why this unit is sometimes called an ” algae blaster”. First-generation pool feeders used 2 outlets to feed your entire pool, but this third-generation pool feeder has 1.8″ and 1.2″ outlets for feeding specific sections of your pool.

The continuous flow also makes feeding much easier than first-generation designs that relied on manually opening and closing valves – allowing you to easily change out old filter cartridges without having to drain and refill each time.

The CL-100 features a one-button control panel for easy operation – allowing you to feed your pool in seconds. It also features an automatic shut-off feature that closes the 1.8″ outlets when not in use. The unit is energy efficient, powered by 50% energy savings over the other units on the market.

The Hayward CL100 Pool In-line Automatic Chlorinator is a fully automatic, continuous feeder that circulates pool water to maintain a consistent chlorine level. The CL100 chlorinates over 20,000 gallons of pool water using an efficient, patented circulation system for twice the life cycle of any other automatic chiller.

The CL100 features innovative technology that allows the unit to be completely drained and refilled with fresh water in less than 10 minutes, saving time and money by eliminating the need to drain and refill the unit manually.

The Hosile CL100 automatic pool chlorinator feeder uses the differential pressure of the system to automatically feed your pool water. The pool chlorinator feeder can treat up to 20,000 gallons. It is recommended to use one per 1000 gallons of pool water.

A simple and affordable way to monitor and maintain the proper level of chlorine in your pool. This dependable and easy-to-use unit monitors and automatically adjusts the chlorine charge as needed for the size of the pool. It delivers up to six tablets of chlorine at a time.

Dosing up to 6 tablets at a time.

This unit is designed to fit most standard swimming pool chlorine feeder systems. The dosage can be adjusted by the purchaser to keep your pool in perfect condition. The unit is set up with 6 tablet slots. For the best results, use our tablets in combination with our pool filter system.


This unique, automatic pool chlorine feeder/dispensing device is used to dispense chlorine tablets through an individual hole for each of your pools. The PTFE tape is used to make your connection between the feeder and the pipes, which are fastened by utilizing two adapters, of different sizes.

The PTFE tape is made of a special polymer that’s flexible but still durable, which guarantees no leaks even if you’re not using it daily. It’s good to use this product every year to maintain the quality and efficiency of your pool water and filter system.

Also, it has two male adapters, 1.5 inches, and 1.2 inches, to solve your different sizes of PVC connection pipes.

The Hosile CL100 Pool Automatic Chlorinator Feeder is a unit that can be used to maintain the water quality at your swimming pool. This chlorinator feeder can be used with many different types of chemicals, but it’s best suited for chlorine. The Hosile CL100 is very inexpensive and will do the job beyond your expectations. With this product, you can maintain constant levels of chlorine in your pool water.

Product Features

  • Treat up 10,000 to 20,000 gallons of water
  • Dimensions: 15.7 x 15.7 x 5 inches
  • Has two male adapters & PTFE tape


  • One of the best pool & spa chemical feeders Adjustable chlorine tanks Simple installation.
  • 1.5 and 1.2-inch adapters are available for different sizes of PVC connection pipes.
  • 2. 5-inch adapter fits most 3/4″ and 1″ PVC connection pipes.


  • Operating costs are high.

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Automatic Chlorinator for Above Ground

For your above-ground pool, this automatic chemical feeder can carry up to 200 pounds of chlorine. The unit is one-of-a-kind in that it can be mounted on the backside of your Hayward chlorine feeder.

This automatic chlorine pool chlorinator is suitable for both above-ground and in-ground chlorine pools. When the necessary chlorine level is reached, the automatic system, which is ideal for pools up to 1000 gallons, will deliver chlorine.

Sticks are useful for tablets containing bromine or trichlor that take a long time to dissolve. If you’re using an automatic calcium reactor or another chemical system with the automatic chlorinator, consult the instructions for that chemical system to determine how much chlorine to add to the water.

The chlorinator may not emit enough chlorine for appropriate sanitization of the pool water, depending on the chemical system in use; more chlorine is required. Depending on the sort of chemical system utilized, you may need to use more than one tablet or stick per hour.

Keep your pool water clean and clear with a powerful automatic chlorinator. This all-in-one system ensures a balanced and healthy level of dissolved oxygen in pool water. A dial control means you can set the amount of feed automatically at a constant rate without any over-filling or under-filling.

For above-ground pool

Designed to fit most above-ground and in-ground pools, this chlorinator is ideal for large families that love to swim. In just a few simple steps, it’s easy to keep your pool sparkling clear.

The threaded construction of this automatic filter cover makes it simple to refill the filter without having to remove the cover. Simply remove the top and add your tablets or sticks to this simple and easy-to-use cover, which is ideal for busy pools with manicured landscapes.

Easy-threaded cover.

The cover is lightweight, weighing less than 2 pounds, and comes with a handy carrying bag for simple storage and transit. Simply clean and dry the cover after using all of the pills or sticks, then store it for further use.

About CL220 Off-line vs CL200 in-line vs CL100 Pool Automatic chlorinator

The CL220 Off-line Pool Chlorinator is a fully automated system with a self-contained mechanical chlorinator and a gravity feed valve. It can be installed on any type of pool without needing any modifications. The pump motor runs continuously to provide treatment. It has a minimum flow rate of 300 GPM and a maximum flow rate of 1000 GPM.

The CL200 Inline Pool Chlorinator is an automatic chlorinator with an electronic controller which allows adding of chlorine at any time, from either the top or from the bottom, or by a combination of both. There is a minimum flow rate of 300 GPM and a maximum flow rate of 1000 GPM.

The CL100 Pool Automatic chlorinator is equipped with a digital electronic controller which makes it possible to add chlorine at any time, from either the top or from the bottom, or by a mixture of both methods. It has a minimum flow rate of 300 GPM and a maximum flow rate of 1000 GPM.

What is better, inline or offline chlorinator?

The inline chlorinator is the best choice for retrofitting existing pool systems. It can be plumbed into your existing line and should be used in conjunction with a pre-filter system. It contains a three-way mixing valve that allows you to adjust the amount of chlorine or other chemicals added to the water.

The inline chlorinator is an ideal choice for permanent installation into the return line. Designed for easy installation, simply position it where you need it and connect it to the return. For an easy-to-install chlorine system, use this inline chlorinator.

The way these two chlorinators are connected to your pool line is what sets them apart. Retrofitting existing pool systems with offline chlorinators is a breeze. The inline chlorinator is intended to be put permanently in the return line.

What is an off-line chlorinator?

When an in-line chlorinator cannot be accommodated in the current system, off-line chlorinators are typically used. A bypass line connects the off-line chlorinator to the remainder of the equipment.

Whether you have an existing chlorinator setup or need to upgrade your existing system, this inline chlorinator is the perfect solution. The inline chlorinator is designed to replace inline chlorinators that are too small or to create additional bypass lines.

What is an auto chlorinator?

By connecting directly to your pump and filtration system, the automatic pool chlorinator sanitizes the water returned to the pool. An automatic chlorinator, unlike a floating chlorinator, which adds chlorine directly to the pool, continuously adds chlorine from outside the pool. An automatic pool chlorinator is a device that keeps the water always sanitized. With an automatic pool chlorinator, the water is continuously filtered through a series of filters.

How long should a chlorinator last?

Because it is built to survive, this salt chlorine generator can help you outlast the expiration dates on your system. During the construction process, the bulkheads are welded together, and the one-size-fits-all design is perfect for new installations. The salt electrolyte is housed in a corrosion-resistant prepared body.

A salt chlorine generator that is well-maintained will last 3–7 years. The cost of replacing the salt cell ranges from $700 to $1100. The control board costs $500–$900 to replace. Maintaining a constant salt level, cleaning the cell only when necessary, and employing the reverse polarity function can all help to extend longevity.


If you want to buy an in-line chlorinator, you should also compare the price and the size of the unit. If you want a larger unit, then you should look at the CL220 Off-line chlorinator. However, if you just need something that can handle a small pool, then go for the CL100 Pool Automatic Chlorinator. If you are looking into buying an automatic chlorinator for your pool, then make sure to consider what you want to use it for.

It is very important to choose a chlorinator that not only meets the needs of your pool but also fits into your budget. To help you choose the right pool chlorinator, we have provided some helpful tips. Budget is the First thing to consider, choosing the right pool chlorinator will depend on your budget and the size of the pool.

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