Does Zen Water Filter Remove Fluoride? (Full Guide)

Are you shopping for the best water filter? A Zen water filter is what you might be looking for. Join us in this comprehensive guide as we are going to take you through the working mechanism of the Zen water filter as we answer the most frequently asked question does the Zen water filter remove fluoride? So stick around and learn.

Investing in a good home water filter is one of the best ways to remove fluoride from your tap water. Fluoride is known to have negative health impacts on both adults on children. Therefore, eliminating it from your drinking water could do some good. However, a majority of water filters can’t remove fluoride.

Does Zen Water Filter Remove FluorideSo, does the Zen water filter remove fluoride? Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Zen water systems are not designed to eliminate fluoride from water. That, however, doesn’t mean that you cannot rely on them to get clean and fresh drinking water.

A Zen water filter will remove other harmful contaminants such as chlorine, chloramine, and others to make your tap water safe for drinking.

If you’re curious about how Zen water filter works, you’ve come to the right place. I will show you how it works to get rid of contaminants in your tap water.

How does Zen systems filter work?

A Zen water system comes with several sets of filters, which serve different purposes. Your tap water will pass through a total of six stages to ensure that you have clean and safe water for drinking. Here is how this filtration system works.

Stage I – Micro-ceramic filter dome

First, your tap water passes through a micro-ceramic filter dome. It is a distinct feature of this filter that includes highly-compressed ceramic, which has a 0.2- to 0.5-micron filter. The filter is meant to trap large particles such as debris, dirt, contaminants, and a majority of bacteria.

Stage II – Silver impregnated granular activated carbon

Next, your tap water will pass through activated carbon. This is a crucial feature of the Zen system, whose work is to remove bad odor, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, bad tastes, solvents, radon, and volatile organic chemicals, among others. In this stage, there’s also some small amount of silver that’s used to disinfect and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Stage III – Mineral sand

The water will then pass through mineral sand. Here, granular impurities are eliminated.

Stage IV – Far infrared balls

The far infrared balls are comparable to the Biocera Alkaline Jug. The purpose of this stage is to produce a negative ORP. It can also produce H2 (Molecular hydrogen), and it is known to deliver a couple of health benefits. However, the Zen water filter does not give the concentration of H2 or ORP produced in this stage. That’s why it’s hard to point out the exact health benefits.

Stage V – Natural zeolite

At this stage, the water comes into contact with natural zeolite. It is a highly porous volcanic rock that’s capable of trapping particles as small as .4 microns. It can also absorb ammonium, heavy metals, and some organic contaminants. Besides, it eliminates any bad odor present in the water.

Stage VI – Magnetic tap

After the water has gone through the Zen filtration stages mentioned above, it flows through a magnetic tap. Here, the valve in the tap will magnetize the water, and such water is known to have some benefits such as cleansing, detoxification, and energizing.

If you notice, the Zen water systems filter only uses natural water filtration materials for the purification process. It does not need the addition of any synthetic substances or chemicals to purify your tap water. Once you fill the top chamber of this filtration system with water, gravity, and the multi-stage process will complete the task.

Also, since you don’t need plumbing or electricity to use this appliance, you can use it in both indoor and outdoor environments. However, do not use it to try and filter out fluoride from your tap water because it won’t accomplish the task.

Pros and Cons of Zen Water Filters

  • Does not require plumbing or electricity
  • It does not require a lot of maintenance practices
  • Durable, and easy to replace
  • Has a six-stage filtration system to eliminate harmful contaminants
  • Has a mineralization and alkalization process
  • The assembly process is hard and time-intensive
  • The purification system is relatively slow
  • There’s no published report of the removal rates measure

Does fluoride in water pose any health risks?

Excess levels of fluoride in water pose some health problems. Most of the disorders occur in teeth and bones, especially in children who are below nine years old.

According to the findings of a study conducted to determine the effects of fluoride on our bodies, fluoride can cause a rare type of cancer known as osteosarcoma. Fluoride can accumulate on the parts of our bodies where bones are growing.

Also, too much fluoride may cause dental fluorosis in children. If the fluoride level in your drinking water is more than 2mg/dl, then it poses a health risk. High levels of fluoride could prevent the enamel from forming, plus they affect the maturation of teeth.

Besides, fluoride stains teeth. That’s mainly why the EPA has put regulations in place regarding the levels of fluoride in water supplies. One of the most effective systems for removing fluoride from water is reverse osmosis purifiers and Berkey water filters.

Zen Water Countertop Water Filtration Systems Review

Having access to pure, contaminate-free, great-tasting water is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Recent media reports of e-Coli and trace amounts of medication in tap water are cause for concern. Fortunately, you can ensure that your family has access to great-tasting and bacteria-free H2O with a water filtration system.

There are a lot of options when it comes to filtered water. One of the simplest ways to have it in your home is to invest in a countertop model from Zen Water. This leading manufacturer of water filtration systems has lots of models to choose from to suit every family.

How Much Water Does Your Family Drink?

Zen Water Systems has four models to choose from depending on the amount of water your family drinks.

  1. Vitality 4-Gallon – this size is perfect for singles, couples, or small families. It is very affordable at just under $100.
  2. Rejuvenate 6 Gallon – for the larger family that consumes 5 to 6 gallons of water per day and costs about $108
  3. Active 8 Gallon – this unit will provide all the water a large family needs, including the pets, and costs around $118.
  4. Pulse 4 Gallon – this unit is designed to replace the heavy bottles delivered by a water service and will fit on most commercial water cooler stands making it a steal at $98.

All the Zen Water countertop water filters use the multi-step filtration system with one of the smallest filters on the market at .3 microns.

Tap water is first filtered past the ceramic dome which traps large contaminants. The water is then filtered through silver-impregnated granulated activated carbon, which strips unpleasant odors, tastes and hundreds of chemical solvents and the silver kills off bacteria.

Once the water has been purified it is strained through mineral sand to further remove any lingering contaminates before it passes through far-infrared balls.

Long used in alternative medicine, these stones ionize the water (with negative ions which are good for our bodies) and are believed to increase enzyme activity in our digestive tract to keep that system of the body humming along.

The last two stages of filtration used by the Zen Water Countertop models is to completely absorb heavy metal (like lead) out of your water with zeolite, a porous rock created by volcanic rock and ash.

This raises the pH level of the water to be more alkaline than acid. Finally, the water is dispensed through a magnetic tap, which supports a healthy endocrine system and might even help reduce arthritis pain and blood pressure.

All the models come with a set of filters, and a magnetizing dispenser accepts for the Pulse, which has a spigot since it is on a water cooler system.

The Good The Bad And The Leaky

Consumers say the Zen Water tastes great

Consumers say the Zen Water tastes great

Consumers who have purchased a Zen Water Countertop filtration system generally give it a thumbs-up.  Here are what some customers are saying:

The taste is so good, that some reviewers drink more water without realizing it.

Setup was easier than expected

Excellent Customer Service

All reviews that I could find unanimously agreed that the water looked and tasted clean and pure. Many reviewers choose the Zen Water models because of the extensive filtration process and the alkalizing process the water goes through to raise the pH level.

It should be noted that many of the reviews on the company website and from other online retailers mentioned that assembly is time-consuming and warned other potential buyers not to take any shortcuts during the initial setup. So be sure to check the manual & follow the instructions.

One reviewer’s chief complaint was not being able to buy the replacement filters on Amazon, which only offers filters from Purenex. He advised consumers to purchase the Zen Water brand filters from the company website because the more generic brand is not as good.  You can visit the website at Zen Water Systems.

One of the great things about reading reviews is that you can often find answers to problems you may have with a product. For instance, one review advised putting the washer on the outside of the faucet to solve the problem of leaks. Another review assured buyers that the water would filter faster after the first few uses and to keep the ceramic dome clean for a speedier process.

A Tall Order

If you are ready to add a Zen Water Countertop filtration system to your home there are a few things to consider before you buy. 

  • Size – how large of a unit should I get? The 4-gallon size units are good for small families, with young children. If you are a family of 4 or more and intend to share the water with pets, you will need the Rejuvenate 6-gallon filtration system or the Active 8-gallon size.
  • Space – these units take up quite a bit of space, so determine where you are going to keep your Zen Water filter. All the countertop units can be used without the base to make them more refrigerator-friendly. The Pulse will fit almost a commercial water cooler.
  • Set-Up and Maintenance – you will need to invest some time in the initial setup of the system. However, it is a gravity system, which does not require electricity or calling a plumber to install it. Routinely scrubbing the ceramic dome, and storage tanks and replacing the filters is a must. Cleaning of the dome and tanks should be done every one to two months and filters should be replaced twice a year (and purchased directly from Zen Water’s website).

With so many options to suit any size family and a sophisticated and extremely efficient filtration system, Zen Water filters are a sensible choice. The addition of an alkalizing step to make your water healthier is a bonus, too. With a simple setup, long-lasting filters and great customer service a Zen Water Countertop Water Filtration system is the best buy!   The Best Well Water Filter

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