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Espresso Machine Buying Guide

The need to get yourself an espresso machine is of the sole purpose for coffee brewing and for you to enjoy a cup of latte at the comfort of your kitchen. For coffee lovers in the house getting the best espresso machine for your kitchen will have you brewing authentic coffee on your own with the help of the Espresso machine. You don’t have to be good at using the machine, but after several attempts, you will enjoy first-class lattes in your house with the help of the espresso machine.

Espresso Machine Buying Guide According To Reddit

Having an espresso machine will have you brewing your coffee at any time of the day, the way you like it with little frothing or with no milk at all, letting you save on the extra dime you would have spent in the coffee shop.

This article will discuss what an espresso machine will help you achieve and what you will need to look for when buying an espresso machine. It will help with the extra features you need to have in mind with the purchase of the espresso machine and will be of help to you.

What is an espresso?

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Espresso is the art of brewing your coffee which came up with the need to have instant coffee on the go. Be sure to understand that espresso is not a bean or blend of coffee but the method you can achieve a cup of coffee in an instant. The term espresso would depict fast and also express in Italian. The ability to have a cup of coffee in less than a minute unlike before where it would take up to 5 minutes to have brewed cup of coffee.

Brief History of the espresso machine

It will be great if we all knew where the espresso machine originated but we will not delve into the improvements over the past years. It is knowledgeable of the 19th century was the age of steam operation whereby it was introduced into the preparation of coffee which happened to be much faster and easier preparation of coffee compared to brewing.

The downside of the first machines, which were difficult to control, resulted in very bitter coffee that would burn. In the 20th century, there were improvements made, and during WWII the high-pressure lever machine-made improvements to the coffee having the crèma. Since then, there has been a tremendous development of the coffee machine, making it much easier to prepare a cup of coffee while offering different suggestions of drinks.

Types of espresso machines available

The market is saturated with different types of machines that will have your cup of coffee ready in a short while. The main feature that differentiates the espresso machines is with how much ease you are going to get your cup of coffee. Below is a list of espresso machines available in the market

The Manual Espresso Maker

As the name clearly states, you will have to put in some manual labor in order to have an espresso from this machine. This machine will have in charge of every step of the coffee-making process allowing you to have the best cup of coffee.

The issue with this is that in the case you miss a step in the preparation, your coffee will be ruined. You need to have the skill to use the manual espresso right. The common feature of the machine is the lever or the spring piston lever which assists in the production of coffee. Despite having to put much effort into the making of the espresso the machine is also costly.

The bright side of the manual espresso machine is the high quality of coffee you will get from it since you are in full control of the whole process. The manual espresso machines are also a beauty to have on your countertop and will last you for a long period as they hardly require repairs.

The downside of the manual espresso machine is, it is pricey and at some point may be difficult to use if you do not have the know-how. The manual espresso machine will be of help to baristas or individuals with the interest to learn the whole procedure of having your coffee ready with the manual espresso machine.

The Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Espresso Machine Buying Guide According To Reddit

This machine gets assistance from the electric pumps, making them much easier to operate in comparison to the manual espresso machine. This machine will let you control some of the parts of making coffee and will have you easily obtain your cup of coffee.

You get to see the main difference between the manual espresso maker and the semi-automatic espresso machine. Semi-automatic espresso machines are popular in the market for the reason they are easy to use. The prices in the market differ, and the good quality will have you spending extra coins.

This semi-automatic espresso machine will have you working with ease in preparing your coffee in comparison to the manual espresso machine. Despite it being semi-automatic, you are still in charge of most parts of the process. It will have you enjoying a high-quality espresso at a lower price in the comfort of your home. These semi-automatic espresso machines are affordable depending on what you are looking for in the machine.

One of the things to keep in mind before purchasing the semi-automatic espresso machine is that some models could be pretty expensive. To add to that, with this espresso machine you will not have an easy time using it compared to the automatic counterparts. You will have to put in the effort to get a good cup of coffee.

The Fully Automatic Espresso Maker

This is an improvement of the semi-automatic espresso machine, as it has an electric pump and also dictates the amount of water and its delivery in the whole espresso-making process. This makes it much easier to use compared to the latter as you are no longer in charge of the process and you have to wait for the machine to be ready with the espresso. Those who enjoy coffee in a particular way will be disadvantaged as they do not have any control over the fully automatic espresso maker.

The price range of the fully automatic espresso maker will vary with what brand you are going for. Some of the brands that look at quality and durability will have you paying extra coins for the machine. The good thing about this is you will find something to purchase with the price you have in mind. These machines are also easy to use, letting you have an easy time getting that cup of coffee.

Before you purchase the fully automatic espresso machine, you should know that with more electronic parts available, these machines will need repairs from time to time. Some of the models available in the market are pricey, and you need to be keen on what you are spending your coins on. Another thing is you will never be able to pick the flavor of your espresso anymore with the automatic espresso machine.

The Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Now this machine takes you to the next level of ease to use. As the name suggests, it is a super-automatic espresso machine as it goes beyond the latter to give you a cup of coffee. The name super automatic goes hand in hand with the action in place; this coffee machine will have you get your coffee grounds into the machine, and with the simple pressing of a button, and your espresso will start getting ready.

This whole procedure will take a short while, and it will be less messy also there will be no need to clean up. The super-automatic espresso machine will be a great option for anyone not willing to put in the effort and shows no concern about the flavors you get from your coffee machine. It also comes in handy for those of you who enjoy coffee throughout the day, as the coffee will be ready at all times.

Looking for ease in making coffee for yourself well, this is the way to go, you will have coffee from the machine at any time of the day. To make it easier for you to enjoy a cup of coffee, this machine is endowed with several features such as programmable settings and an inbuilt grinder. The purchase of this machine will have you spend money on one item and not two; you do not need to buy a grinder for your coffee beans with this machine in place.

One thing you should know is that with this machine in place, you no longer have control of the coffee as everything is done by the machine. The price of this machine is also high unless you are looking for a small-sized one for home use.

The Capsule

A price-friendly and one-button for control to allow you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and other varieties is this capsule espresso machine. The machine brings into play the packaged coffee capsules which are alike to the k-cups but are smaller in size. The interesting bit is the capsule espresso machine is accompanied by the automatic frothing capabilities and also the milk carafe. To add to that, it has cleaning capabilities which are automated and will give you a variety of drinks.

The drink you will get from the capsule will be dependent on the capsule, and the flavors you do not have control over them. You will enjoy a less pricey cup of espresso with the capsule at the comfort of your home.

The Steam

This is another way to have your coffee ready with the simple use of the Moka Pot another name the steam espresso machine. This way of making coffee is associated with the Italians as the word espresso arises from the Italian language. The Moka pot makes it easy for anyone who enjoys their coffee with milk as it is simple for you to add milk to the Moka Pot giving you a pure brew to enjoy. The Moka Pot makes it easy for you to enjoy your espresso conveniently.

When going for the Moka Pot you will have to decide on the number of cups you will need from it. You will need to decide whether you will have it on the stove or the base is electric. Currently, this method of brewing coffee is the most ancient way of having your espresso. The downside is you will need to get a steamer for you to enjoy your espresso with milk.


Getting an espresso machine will have you delve into the machine as you have to be sure of what the machine can do for you. You also need to focus on the features the machine posses that will be of importance to you. The features of the espresso machine will have you thinking of how much you are willing to part with to get the machine to meet your needs.

Be sure to check on the quality of the espresso machine with the flavors the machine offers. A good espresso machine should not be limited to brewing coffee only you should be able to make a variety of drinks of your choice. In the case you are not certain about what you need in an espresso machine, it is advisable to start on the simple ones.


What can I make with an espresso machine?

What you do not know is that a lot of individuals who get involved with the preparation of coffee is more of a passion within them. The machine for home use will have you thinking of the tons of drinks you could make with the espresso machine. The good news is there are several drinks your espresso machine can make, they include;

  1. The macchiato; this drink is a shot of espresso with a little amount of steamed milk at the top. It comes out strong and you may need to add a little foam.
  2. The espresso shot; yes it’s a drink on its own which is composed of freshly brewed coffee and will have you awake in an instant with a single shot.
  3. The cappuccino; a very popular drink and its creation are quite simple. You will need a double shot of espresso, a layer of steamed milk, and another thick layer of milk that is foamed.
  4. The mocha; the instruction of having mocha on the go is similar to the cappuccino you will need to add a scoop of chocolate when creating it.
  5. The Latte drink; is popular among several individuals and you simply need two shots of espresso, a thick layer of steamed milk ad a thin layer of foaming. The great part is you get to choose the flavor you need for your latte.

How do I clean my espresso machine?

You have to be sure you maintain good hygiene for your espresso machine to avoid the spread of diseases. There are certain things you should partake in to ensure you have a clean espresso machine all through. Which are pretty much basic skills.

Be sure to clean the wand once done using it on the frothing, not only that, be sure to have the pod holder cleaned up before refilling it again. Well, you could avoid deep cleaning of your espresso machine if you picked one that would automatically descale with the switch of a button.

For the espresso machine that you will have to clean manually, you will have to be aware of the descaling and the decalcifying procedure for the espresso machine. There are solutions in the market that make it possible to have your espresso machine in clean condition.

What should I have in mind when buying an espresso machine?

There are several choices of espresso machines in the market and for this reason, you have to be certain of what you need the machine to do for you. There are several questions you should have in mind when getting the espresso machine, such as the ease to use the machine.

When you are more interested in getting the machine that will work for you, it will be advisable you forget about the manual espresso machine. Go for the automatic espresso machine that will have your coffee ready with the simple press of a button. Below is a list of what you will need to have in mind when going for the espresso machine.

The price of your espresso machine; the price ranges of an espresso machine are quite huge, this is attributed to the features the espresso machine possesses. The durability and the quality of the machine will have you paying some extra coins for you to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. You might also have to pay extra coins because of the additional features in your coffee maker which makes it easier for you to use the machine. The amount of time the espresso machine takes to have your coffee ready will greatly attribute to the price of the espresso machine.

The ease of using the espresso machine; the machines are all accompanied by a manual that guides you through the process of using it. Different espresso machines work differently offering different time frames to get your coffee ready. The espresso machine you get for your home or workspace should be straightforward to use. Going for an automated espresso machine will make everything much easier as with the simple press of a button you will have your coffee ready. If you are going for something more convenient for use, ensure you get all the buttons and how they work before purchase.

Cleaning procedure; when getting an espresso machine you have to think about the cleaning procedure. Some of the espresso machines offer a very easy time using and with a simple touch of a button you have your coffee ready, the problem comes in when cleaning your espresso machine. Something to take note of when purchasing your espresso, is the features available, the more features in the espresso machine the longer it will take you to clean it up.

The size; will determine the number of cups you will get from your machine in a single switch. If you are buying your espresso machine for a commercial space, you will have to think about the number of cups your machine will be able to produce with a single switch. For home use, you may consider going for one that will serve the purpose of giving you coffee at the needed time in the shortest time possible. Large espresso machines come with extra features making them easy to use.

The durability of your espresso machine; should be a major concern when getting your espresso machine as you do not need one that will break down on day two of operation. The high-end espresso machine will come with a warranty enlightening you on how long the espresso machine should last you in operation.

You ought to have in mind the brand you purchase as some of the brands are known to offer the best of quality and durability in their products. The material used in the construction is mainly metal and helps with retaining heat. Your automatic espresso machine will need more repairs compared to the manual espresso machine.

Choice of drinks; your espresso machine will let you enjoy a wide range of drinks you simply have to decide on the flavor you are going with today. This will come in handy for commercial use where your espresso machine will produce mochas or cappuccinos with the machine controlling the flavors of the drinks.

The flavor you get from your machines will be dependent on how much heating goes on and whether steam is used or not. A pricey espresso machine will have you enjoying the best quality espresso compared to the other. If you are not certain of what you need from your espresso machine, it will be advisable you go for the middle range for your experimenting.

After-sales services for your espresso machine; be keen on what the manufacturer has to offer aside from the machine itself. You could go through reviews from other customers to know whether the manufacturer will be involved in case of a breakdown of the espresso machine.

In case something on the machine would need a repair or a fix up the manufacturer should be able to provide for the spare parts of the machine. This will help you with the operation of your machine for a long time with the repairs being done locally by the manufacturer.

Storage options; you may require an espresso machine but you do not fancy having coffee every day. You will need to look for ways you can store your machine away easily. A huge espresso machine will pose difficulty in storing it and being heavy may make it difficult to move it around.

If you can’t have the espresso machine fit in the kitchen cabinet you may opt for having safely tucked away in the garage which is not a safe option for the metal as it could rust or be damaged by other items in the store. If your kitchen does not have counter space, you will need a more compact espresso machine.

The aesthetic of the espresso machine; should be considered after you have decided all the other factors are workable for you. The aesthetic of your espresso machine should not come before how fast you could get a cup of coffee from your machine or the durability of your espresso machine.

When picking an espresso machine you have to be sure the external material of the machine comfortably matches the other appliances in your kitchen. If your kitchen is predominantly on stainless steel, look for an espresso machine that will go hand in hand with your kitchen theme. The location of the spout on your espresso machine has to be accessible to enable easy dispensing of coffee.

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