Ge vs Whirlpool vs Fleck vs Kenmore Water Softener Review

The water softening process is known to deal with a problem known as “hard water.” Hard water is any type of water that contains more minerals than average tap water.

Mostly it has to do with elevated levels of calcium and magnesium, which can make it difficult for products like soap to dissolve in the water. It can also leave hard water stains on bathtubs or sinks and clog pipes.

A water softener is a type of filtering appliance that main purpose is to eliminate calcium and magnesium in the water. Water softening is a process aimed at the elimination of magnesium, calcium, and certain other heavy metal compounds found in hard water.

Although, make use of a water-hardness home test kit to inform you of the hardness of your home’s water for final confirmation.

A water softener is a device that controls the hard water results on the pipes of the home on the users’ hair and skin. The device is therefore attached to the main pipe supplying water to the house. This article compares the water softeners in the market that are readily available and could be shipped to your doorstep.

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Ge vs Whirlpool vs Kenmore vs Fleck Water Softener

Water Softener Grain Size: Rating
1. Ge GXSH40V Water Softener 40, 000 9.5
2. Whirlpool Whes30 Softener 30, 000 9.7
3. Fleck 5600SXT Softener 48,000 9.6
4. Whirlpool 40,000 Softener 48,000 9.4

Water softening allows u to obtain soft water which requires a little amount of soap in comparison to hard water in the same cleaning task, as soap is not used up excessively bonding with the calcium ions.

Soft water also allows for an extended lifetime of plumbing works and materials by reducing and eliminating the scale build-up over time in pipes and plumbing fittings. The water softening process is mostly achieved by the use of ion-exchange resins or lime softening.

Water is said to be soft when it readily forms lather with soap. Since soft water forms lathers readily with soap, it assists with saving a lot of the amount of soap used during washing. It is greatly economical compared to using hard water while washing.

Soft water is compatible with dyeing additives, thus the reason dyeing industries prefer using making use of it in their manufacturing processes.

Soft water contains no dissolved residue thus used in laundry as it does not stain white clothes, unlike hard water does. Hard water forms scales in kettles and pipes when it stays long in the containers, unlike soft water, this allows for an extended lifetime in kettles and plumbing work.

Despite all the industrial advantages of soft water, soft water has its disadvantages Soft water can easily and readily lead to lead poisoning, that is if the transfer of the soft water is through lead pipes or stored in lead material containers.

This is because of the ability of soft water to readily dissolve lead metal. Soft water is achieved by the elimination of calcium and magnesium metals from hard water, consumption of soft water is not advisable as it has no minerals and does not in any way strengthen our teeth and bone as it does not contain any amounts of calcium.

The unpleasant taste of soft water makes it undesirable, unlike hard water which has a pleasant taste. This makes Soft water undesirable for drinking compared to hard water.

With soft water, sodium and potassium ions replace calcium and magnesium. Sodium and potassium allow the soap to integrate with the water, so it automatically lathers better. When rinsed away, the skin is not covered in soap scum.

What people are feeling is their skin’s natural hydration instead of a scummy residue. If it’s taking longer than you’d like to rinse with soft water, make sure you aren’t using too much soap – a habit you may have gotten into with hard water.

Homes supplied with hard water are easily recognizable. Just check plumbing faucets and fixtures for hard white and scaly deposits. The removal of these deposits needs heavy-duty scrubbing and chemical goods. For soap to lather in hard water is more complicated compared to soft water.

To cure this hurdle, it is better to have a water softener at a location near where water enters the house. To be able to choose the best water softener for your household, go for the best water softener that gives the features that will fit your lifestyle.

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1. GE (GXSH40V) 40,000 Grain NSF Certified Water Softener System

  • product is tested.
  • the process includes functionality.
  • It has 125 grains per gallon.
  •  families of four or more.
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A smart soft technology that checks on water consumption while anticipating future demand of soft water so that at no point you will be out of soft water.
The presence of 125 grains per gallon optimum hardness-elimination capacity with the additional elimination of 8 PPM of iron.

Hands-on skill features such as a programmable operating system, an indicator lights an alarm, and a reliable permanent memory, with a hassle-free operation of the filter.
This water softener system has an admirable capacity with convenient features that allows it to serve up to a family of 4 or more individuals.

This water softener is certified by the NSF and according to the United States and Canadian standards which guarantee effective hardness elimination with the inactivation of other harmful contaminants for added safety.
The GE gxsh40v 40,000-grain water softener comes with a one year warranty with providence for after-sales services. and compare Quality Water Treatment

Product information

  •  Dimensions:  0.1 x 50 x 26 inches.
  • Item Weight:  100 pounds
  • Part Number:  GXSH40V.

What our team likes and its benefits

  • Additional elimination of 8 PPM of iron.
  • Reliable permanent memory.
  • Maximum hardness-removal.
  • Remove iron up to 3ppm
  • Very good guarantee offers
  • The technology is great for observing.
  • Custom Select valve and Smart Soft features.

  • Not fit for a large household or areas.
  • known for hard water.
  • Irons parts are less per million

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2.  Whirlpool  (Whes30) 30,000  Grain  Water Softener – Salt Saving Technology 

  •  Clear water ferrous iron.
  •  Spotting on dishes.
  •  Assembled in the USA.
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The Whirlpool WHES30 which is ideal for up to households of 1 to 4 and more people eliminates up to 8ppm of clear water (ferrous) iron
The NSF certification on the reduction of hard water symptoms which include the build-up on the plumbing work materials and faucets and the embarrassing stains on dishes

Whirlpool water softeners are automated and calculate how much salt and hard water is needed to be reproduced and only consume what is needed, thus in optimum water and salt savings.

Full 1-year warranty for labor and materials which has an extension of 2 years on the labor and materials when you purchase more than two bottles of Whirlpool WHEWSC water softener cleanser which is sold separately.

It needs Electrical volts of up to – 110/120 Volts
the Whirlpool WHES30 30,000 Grain Water Softener is engineered, designed, and put up together in the United States of America. Queries can be directed to the Whirlpool helpline at (866) 986-3223.

Product information

  •  Description:  1 year parts & labor.
  •  Components:  Softener system, bypass valve.
  •  Dimensions:  19 x 18 x 43.5 inches.

What our team likes and its benefits

  • Plumbing work materials and faucets.
  •  It eliminates embarrassing mineral stains
  •  low salt indicator light and work
  • No maintenance or filters to replace
  • Automatically cleans by flushing and draining the internal filter
  • NSF certified
  • Installation kit included
  • High-flow valve with a flow rate of 9.6 GPM
  • Not ideal for homes with more than four people
  • Some issues with split tanks
  • Broken displays and leaky bypass valves in some cases
  • Not completely removed salt might be a major drawback for some people

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3. Whirlpool (40,000)  Automatic Whole House Soft Water Regeneration Water

  • Assembled in the USA.
  • NSF certified to reduce.
  • Full 1-year parts and labor.
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The Whirlpool WHES40E water softener is ideal and comfortably serves a household of up to1 to 6 people with the capability to eliminate up to 10 ppm of clear water (ferrous) iron.

NSF certification on the reduction of hard water symptoms which include and are not limited to the buildup on the faucets, spotting on dishes, the build-up on your plumbing work, and embarrassing stains.

Whirlpool water softeners are automated and calculate what content of salt and water is needed to reproduce and only make use of what is necessary, thus a huge reduction in water and salt usage
Furthermore, the whirlpool WHES40 water softener employs a demand-initiated regeneration process.

This means the water softener only regenerates based on the level of hardness in your water and the much water one will consume. This significantly saves on the water and salt put to use for the process.

Whirlpool water softeners WHES40, 40,000 grain is accompanied by simple to programmable electronics which include a low salt indicator light and can work on city water or well water.

Over time, these Whirlpool 40,000 grain water softeners will ensure your water-using appliances (water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.) work more efficiently, last longer, and also save on energy.

A complete 1-year warranty for both the labor and the parts. With an extension of up to 2 years when you purchase more than 2 bottles of Whirlpool WHEWSC the water softener cleanser is sold separately.

The WHIRLPOOL WHES40E 40,000 Grain Water Softener is designed, put up together, and engineered in the United States of America. Queries can be directed to the Whirlpool helpline at (866) 986-3223

Product information

  • Components:  installation kit, instruction manual.
  • Model number:  WHES40E.
  •  Dimensions:    19 x 18 x 48 inches.

What our team likes and its benefits

  • Made by the United States of America.
  • Work more efficiently.
  • Embarrassing stains.
  • The capacity of up to 48,000 grains per cycle
  • The price range can fit any budget
  • Some models can be fitted to 1¼” plumbing
  • Uses up to 25% less salt
  • Demand Initiated Regeneration
  • Removes a maximum of 120 gpg of hardness
  • Low Salt Light
  • 2 Year Full Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Long-lasting
  • Simple to care
  • Very simple to remove the kit and installation

  • Not suitable for a small number of family

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4. Fleck 48,000 Digital SXT Metered Whole House System

  • Made in the USA.
  • Includes Fleck bypass valve.
  • Moderate to very hard water.
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The Fleck 5600sxt Digital is high on-demand with a Metered Water Softener accompanied by a paddle wheel meter (BR5600SMS-SXTPW), manufactured in the USA.

Has a Black Structural 10×54″ PG 2.5T (CH30579-03010203-30), 14″x34″ black in color with a square brine tank which is a safety float, manufactured in the USA

Accompanied by a Fleck bypass valve (60049) and 1″ which is a male threaded yoke connection (18706-01)
The Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener Will treat up to 12 GPM service flow rates (28 GPM peak)

The Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener can support a household of up to 6 people in the home perfectly with a supply of moderate to very hard water.

The Fleck water softener comes with a digital control head that is accompanied by an LCD, touch controls, and a water flow meter. The LCD makes it easier to configure the system as the meter helps you save on water and salt.

Product information

  •  Weight:  20.8 pounds.
  • Model number:  WS48-56SXT
  • Size:                    48,000 Grains

What our team likes and its benefits

  • High capacity extra long.
  • Continuously up to 27 years.
  • Can hold about 250 lbs
  • Safety float that prevents water from overfilling or spilling
  • 5 years warranty on the control head and 10 years of warranty on the tanks
  • Comes with a backup power capacitor
  • It is digitally enabled and controlled
  • A decent flow due to reduced pressure
  • Softens hard water of different grades
  • Not ideal for households with large family members
  • It is quite bulky for small homes
  • Needs continuous spending on salt pellets
  • Runs on 120V outlets

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5. Kenmore 38300 With demand-initiated regeneration, Removes Hard Minerals

  • Intellisoft2 uses up to 20%.
  • The high-flow valve ensures.
  •  The system automatically regenerates.
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The Intellisoft2 consumes an average of up to 32% less water and 20% less salt

The Kenmore 38300 Water Softener has a High-flow valve which ensures fewer to no pressure drops resulting in a better performance

When demand is initiated that is when regeneration occurs, the system automatically reproduces only when needed, thus saving your money on water and salt

The presence of the LCD screen allows for ease in the menu selection

Ideal for a household of up to 4 individuals.

Installation accessories included

The Kenmore 38300 water softener comes with a 1-year warranty on the parts and a 10-year warranty on the tank

Product information

  • Dimensions:  19.8 x 16.5 x 46 inches.
  • Certification:   Not Applicable.
  •  Weight:          90 pounds

What our team likes and its benefits

  •  Kenmore 24, 000-grain water.
  • High-efficiency water softener.
  • The LCD screen allows an easy menu.
  • Affordable for most households
  • Works well with water of moderate hardness
  • High flow valve
  • 125-minute regeneration time
  • Maximum 1” pipe

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Factors to put into consideration when purchasing an ideal water softener may include;

During the timer regeneration period, water softeners tend to regenerate water dependent on how much water you consume by keeping track of your consumption.

During the assemble, you may inform the assembler of the number of grains your water softener can handle, the extent of how hard is your water, and the number of family members in the home for the need of reserve settings of 100 gallons per head, to cover the whole household, the softener can begin to regenerate early enough after your system thinks it needs to regenerate.

The benefit of the meter based systems is that in case of your absence or additional family member, the softener will adjust itself to regenerate the needed amount of water or use less water in your absence.

This water softener is efficient as regeneration of water occurs only when it is needed thus reduction in the usage of salt pellets. The water softener systems that regenerate are the most popular in the market

The manually regenerated water softener systems do not come with meters or timers on them. In this case, they come with a simple level that allows one to regenerate it only when there is a need to. These types of water softener systems are preferred when one does not own a drain system where you need to place the water softener.

One will be required to get a garden hose and fix it temporarily to a drain when only one needs to regenerate the softener. In this case, one may need to acquire higher capacity softeners if one wishes to reduce on time spent manually regenerating.

The elimination of iron with water softener systems is common among water softeners and they make use of sodium chloride or salt, to eliminate magnesium and calcium minerals from water. The water softener eliminates the harsh contaminants found in the water by replacing the minerals’ ions with the salt ones.

The problem with the salt softener systems is on that individuals on low-salt diets, those who experience high blood pressure or with heart-related problems, would not be able to use a salt-based water softener. In the place of salt they could, select a potassium chloride-based softener to avoid the health complications associated with salt.

The water usage by the individual will have an impact on the size selection. The tank accurately calculates the hardness of the water and the amounts of water consumed in the household.

The level of water hardness is the main determinant of the selection of the saltwater softener needed. An average individual makes use of up to approximately 80 gallons of water in a day.

Although, in a household with a couple of washrooms with four individuals, this will, in turn, equate to approximately 320 gallons in a day.

For most water, which is public supply, the level of hardness is equal to 10 grains, one will require a water softener system that will be able to handle 3,200 grains in a day for an average household of four individuals. Furthermore, the number of times the system regenerates will have an impact on the size of the tank.

The ease of use of a water softener is to ensure the water stays soft by the regeneration periodically. One can select from a range of water softener systems that automatically regenerates manually or on a timer.

Most automatic water softener systems come with a digital electronic head that is found on the tank with a schedule programmed schedule for regeneration into it.

Furthermore, the manual system will need the individual to start the regeneration system from time to time by hand. The timed system automatically regenerates the water softener at the set time every day.

The automatic regeneration system gives the best flexibility by ensuring the optimum use of the media inside the tank. The water softener softens water by the regeneration of the media by a timer, automatically or manually, one will require changing the salt found in the brine tank, if you choose that particular option.

One will require to have the right type of salt in hand to fill the tank from time to time. Although, when using a potassium chloride softener system, one may require to own a supply of the potassium chloride pellets on standby to replenish the system as needed.


Hard water is generally water with high dissolved mineral contamination, unlike soft water which has low dissolved mineral contaminants. Hard water contains high levels of concentrations of dissolved magnesium and calcium ions.

The hardness in water is explained by the level of concentration of metal ions in the water. The metal ions get into the water supply from the leaching of minerals such as the limestone within the aquifer.

Distilled water and rainwater are soft since they contain low levels of dissolved ions. Hard water is generally found in groundwater such as wells where the water in the well is in direct contact with minerals that dissolve in it. Water found on the Surface such as streams, rivers, or lakes is in general soft water as it has very low levels of dissolved magnesium and calcium ions.

Hard water is in no way harmful to human health but causes serious plumbing problems in both commercial applications and residential applications. Water hardness is a serious issue from the costly breakdowns in boilers, and cooling towers to the lack of suds formation in bathing and laundry application.

Reducing or eliminating water hardness is accomplished by a piece of appliance known as a water softener. Inside the softener is where the process of ion exchange occurs.

A water softener is composed of different bits, with each playing its unique role. The main part of the water softener is the mineral tank, usually made out of fiberglass whose main purpose is to control the pressure. The tank is filled with negatively charged ion exchange resin.

The water softening process has its economic implication for every household, ranging from minimal use of soap to less plumbing implications little to the minimum faucet and dish stains and effects on skin and hair. Acquiring a water softener will allow for savings on water usage and soap thus the implication on the household economy is positive.

The water softener systems regenerate based on a set time. In this case, we would set the timer for once every seven days, and no matter how much water you consume, the softener can regenerate and use about 8 pounds of salt each time it regenerates.

Despite the timer, the system is a little cheaper compared to the latter the salt usage happens to be the highest of these water softener types.


The market has a wide range of water softener appliances that all do the same job of reduction of dissolved metals in hard water. Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener Digital SXT Metered Whole House System has outdone the rest with several advantages compared to what is available in the market.

To start with, one can operate the water softener system with peace of mind since you acquire a 10-year warranty on the tanks. The valve also comes with a warranty for 5 years and the two numbers are pretty useful.

Great customer support received from the team is in an overall great relation and one can get professional help over a phone call. One can also get consistent regeneration of the resin. Keep in mind flushing will be needed after regeneration takes place.

With the higher capabilities in getting rid of excess calcium and magnesium, a reduced water pressure system saves on time and can serve a capacity of 4 individuals in a household.

The Fleck 5600sxt 48,000-grain water softener digital sxt metered whole house system is easy to install and easy to use and comes with a warranty of up to 5 years and readily available customer support.

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