Infrared Vs. Ceramic Space Heaters: The Warm Does it feel 2022

Achieving a cozy and warm environment during the chilly weather does not have to be a sport with the availability of space heaters that do the most. In the cold weather, their demand goes up drastically and for this reason, the variety of space heaters offer immediate solutions to the chilly weather.

You ought to be keen on what you need the space heater for, is it for heating a small cubicle or for heating the office. These heaters vary with the kind of service they provide you, intending to keep you warm through the winter period.

Different customers have different heating needs, and why they will prefer a particular space heater to the other. Lists of the space heaters in the market that ensure you are warm include infrared heaters, oil heaters, ceramic heaters, and radiation heaters.

Different space heaters meet different needs of the customers that are why one will prefer a particular one over the other because of the function it plays. Each heater has its benefits and also a downside; you have to pick one that will be conducive for you and the use intended.

This article aims to give you a clear view of the Infrared space heater and the ceramic space heater, pointing out the pros and cons of each, and what each will be of benefit from their functioning in the space they occupy.

Infrared Vs. Ceramic Space Heaters

Infrared Vs. Ceramic Space Heaters

Thinking of a more silent and energy-efficient space heater, the way to go is the infrared space heater. Their ability to save on energy and will keep you warm during the winter season makes them popular. The low maintenance of the infrared unit makes it admirable to have it.

The infrared space heaters come in handy and are ideal for family spaces, garages, or open living spaces, making them the most considerable space heater for purchase. Below are some of the things you should know about the infrared space heater before purchasing it for home use.

Your infrared space heater is all dependent on the transmission of heat through radiation and cannot be seen by human eyes; this is similar to how the heat from the sun gets to our bodies. The same way the light gets absorbed into our body and skin and thereafter generates heat is the same way the infrared space heater works.

With the infrared space heater producing light, the light gets absorbed by our clothes and skin that allowing for conversion to heat. So for you to enjoy your infrared space heater, the distance has to be small, and it should be in your direction.

Something you should note is that the light from your infrared space heater will not be visible. Some elements that come into play release infrared heat that is invisible to our eyes.

Advantages of the infrared space heaters

 Below are some of the reasons you should go for the infrared space heater for heating your home space.

Provides for instant heat; many heaters in the market depend on the convention to ensure the transmission of heat. They take the responsibility of heating the surroundings first so that you can enjoy the warm surroundings.

On the other hand, the infrared space heater provides wavelengths that ensure instant heat up. It can get rid of cold air instantly letting you enjoy a warm room.

Very silent; the infrared space heaters are very quiet compared to other heaters. The technology adopted by these heaters does not need your infrared space heater to have a fan.

The ability of this heater to radiate light energy which is later converted to heat makes it conducive to having it in your bedroom where you do not need any kind of noise. For family rooms, you will need to offer space for everyone to enjoy the heat.

Environmental friendly; this is something you ought to consider for the well-being of the environment in your homes. The use of the infrared space heater does not change much in the home environment compared to other heaters on the market.

The humidity levels in your room will remain the same all through when your infrared space heater is on, the same as the oxygen level in your room.

Sunlight benefits; the infrared space heater adapts technology similar to the light we get from the sun during the day, this allows you to benefit from sunlight energy from your heater without having to worry about UV radiation.

It allows you to enjoy improved blood circulation and you will have minimal dust in the room that may be caused by a fan from your heater.  Your heater operation time is up to 20,000 hours which will let you enjoy years of service from your space heater.

No additional pollutants; the operating of your infrared space heater does not need to reduce or add anything to the environment of your room. You do not have to worry about carbon release into the room or other toxic products when operating an infrared space heater. T

The technology in this heater does not involve open flames or combustion of any kind, making it safe for you to have it in your room through the night.

Energy efficiency; your infrared space heater will make use of electricity but will be sure to make use of all the energy consumed. Some of the infrared space heaters will make good use of 300 watts of electricity and will ensure the transfer of energy throughout the room.

This makes it easier for you to decide on the infrared space heater as it offers efficient warming solutions; it is effective, and low-cost.

Maintenance is on the low; your infrared space heater will not need much maintenance as the technology in place does not require much touching. You do not have to worry about the heating motor or the fan motor at any point or rather replace the air filters. You will only have to worry about the reflectors that have to be cleaned to ensure heat travels much faster.

Aesthetic features; your infrared space heater offers the most when it comes to design. The design would perfectly match the theme of your home. It is also portable, allowing you to move it from room to room, and could fit in your RV with not much of a hustle. The interesting part is that you get to pick the kind of finishes you will need to be in.

Disadvantages of infrared space heaters

The performance of your infrared space heater is entirely dependent on the construction and the


much is being used at home. Below are some of the disadvantages we found with the infrared space heater.

Safety concerns; with the generation of heat from the coil of your infrared space heater, the coil can get heat up. It will be advisable to have pets and children away from it when it is operational to avoid accidental burns.

Most manufacturers are trying to come up with ideas that will allow for the heater to be cool-touch. Go for a model that will offer an automatic shutoff and a tip-over switch to ensure your safety.

Color emission; infrared space heaters are known to emit orange light to your surroundings to ensure no one touches them but the light has side effects attributed to it.

For your small room, the orange light will be enough to illuminate the room. For those who need dark rooms to fall asleep, the infrared space heater will not work for you.

Instant loss of heat; the moment you switch on your infrared space heater is the exact moment you begin to feel the heat instantly. The same applies when the infrared space heater is switched off and the room is cold again.

This is because the technology adopted does not warm the air in the surroundings and you will go back to normal temperature immediately.

This is the exact reason why you may opt for an oil-filled heater as it will continue to give heat for some time after switching off. For this reason, your infrared space heater needs to be on throughout to enjoy a warm environment.

Skin health; becomes a concern from the wavelength exposure to the skin. You will not realize a burn on your skin to notice the effect of the wavelength. Repeated exposure to the wavelength will affect your skin.

Similar to when you spend a lot of time in front of a fireplace, your skin gets blotched which is the same as when you get too much exposure to the wavelength from your infrared space heater. The effect on the skin may remain permanent as the skin cells get damaged.

Dehydration; yes your body with long exposure to the infrared space heater will get dehydrated. In the same way after getting exposed to too much sun you begin to sweat in the same way you will begin to lose water from your body.

Long exposure to wavelength will have you to experience significant dehydration and you will need to drink water to hydrate. This is something you do not experience with other types of heaters.

Target heating only; the technology adopted by the infrared space heater is dependent on the transmission of heat through waves. For you to enjoy the heat from the infrared space heater you have to be within the wavelength of your infrared space heater.

The same way you move away from direct sunlight to a shade and you stop feeling the heat, is the same way when you are away from the wavelength. This dictates that you enjoy the heat from the infrared space heater you need to be in the wavelength.

Limited warranty; when you get lucky you may get a manufacturer providing you with a limited lifetime warranty for your unit. This has changed over the last few years and it is becoming a sport to find a manufacturer offering a limited lifetime warranty. Most of the units manufactured in the States offer up to five-year warranties. Be sure to go through the terms and conditions to know what is offered by the manufacturer.



One of the most popular designs of heaters is the ceramic space heater. They are preferred since they are known to be energy efficient for the distribution of heat. 

Ceramic space heaters are popular for their ability to heat a room with very little electricity cost. It will also ensure efficiency and safety precautions adhere to.

The ceramic space heaters have adopted a heating design known as convection heating. The warmth generated from this heater is on an element known as the PTC (positive temperature coefficient) which is ceramic in the material. Compared to metal elements, they are the same in their ways of working.

The PTC is known to be a partial electricity conductor whereby when the electricity goes through it and it is known to generate heat.

The moment the PTC is heated up in the heater it begins generating heat for the surrounding. This works perfectly well for the ceramic heater ad the transmission of heat adopted. The PTC is the main participant in your ceramic space heater.

Another integral part of your ceramic space heater is the fan that is installed. The job of the fan is to see the distribution of warm air throughout the room by convection.

You need to understand that there are ceramic space heaters that depend on radiation and for this type, they will not need a fan as the heat is transmitted in the room through radiation and not a fan

Best Energy Efficient Space Heaters

Advantages of ceramic space heaters

Ceramic heaters are a recent development in conventional heating. They make use of ceramic and aluminum plates to see the transmission of heat in your surrounding by letting electricity go through them. Below are some of the reasons you should consider going for the ceramic space heater.

Efficient heating; the ceramic space heater offers the most when it comes to heating a room. The ceramic plates do an incredible job to see the room warmed up by the use of convention.  To heat a room, the ceramic plates have to heat the air in the room first for you to feel the heat.

Portability; the size of the ceramic space heater makes it much easier for you to move them from one room to the other. The ceramic plates are small in size and thus making it convenient for you to move them around your space.

The price of your ceramic space heater will allow you to get several of them for each room in your home without having to break the bank. The price is cheaper will depend on the quality, the manufacturer, and the heating model in place of the ceramic space heater.

No light emission; for those of you who enjoy sleeping in dark rooms, well the ceramic space heater is for you. This space heater ensures there is no light emission from it whatsoever.  You will be good to go for the dark and warm nights with the ceramic space heater.

Area coverage; the mode of which ceramic space heater is a convention, this makes it possible for the ceramic space heater to heat a wide area compared to the infrared space heater. It is okay to say, your whole house will get warm after some time with the spread of war air through the mode of the convention.

Disadvantages of Ceramic Space Heaters

Well for your ceramic heaters, there is a list of downsides that will have you thinking about whether or not to go for the particular space heater for your home. Depending on what you are working with here is a list of the downsides that you ought to have in mind before purchasing your ceramic space heater;

Noise; if you are the kind of person who prefers pin-drop silent nights well the ceramic space heater with a fan is not for you. The fan that is used to distribute the warm air in the room produces unnecessary noise that will have you thinking about the purchase you made.

It is not an instant warm-up space heater; your ceramic space heater will not instantly heat your space, you will have to wait for several minutes for the ceramic plates to heat and the fan in the heater to distribute the warm air in the room. This is not the case with the infrared space heater.

Maintenance; your ceramic space heater will need you to perform routine maintenance to ensure it is in good shape. The presence of the fan will have you wiping your ceramic space heater more than your infrared space heater. You have to be sure the heating element is also in good shape at all times.

Comparison Table

featuresInfrared heaterCeramic heater
TimeInstantly warms up the room same as when is switched off, there is an instant change in room temperature.Takes time before you could feel your heater is working.
Mode of heat transferMakes use of radiation to see the distribution of heat in the roomThe use of convention to warm up the room by heating the air in the room first.
MaintenanceClose to none is needed for your infrared space heater.You will need a check routine to ensure everything is in good shape from the fan to the ceramic plates
NoiseCompletely none from your Infrared space heaterThe presence of a fan in the ceramic space heater to distribute warm air will be noisy.
Light emissionFor the distribution of heat energy, there is the presence of orange light from your infrared space heaterThere is no emission of light whatsoever.


It will be right to conclude that both the infrared and the ceramic space heaters are efficient and offer the needed warmth in winter or during chilly nights. The infrared heater depends on radiation for the provision of heat and will not need a fan to distribute heat in the room. On the other hand, the ceramic space heater depends on the convention for the distribution of heat.

It needs a conducting element to have heat distributed fully. For each space heater to work efficiently you have to be specific about the situation you need it to work for you. One thing you ought to have at the back of your head when purchasing a heater is the space that you will need to heat up and the much you are willing to spend on electricity.


Are infrared heaters better?

Your infrared space heater does a great job ensuring all spaces are warm in a short time while saving on energy, and letting you enjoy heat spaces all the time.

They offer a solution to cold rooms, garages, or open spaces, making them ideal for family use. Some factors that make infrared heaters better when compared to other heating options include;

Energy efficiency; infrared heaters are known for their energy-saving capabilities while ensuring the room is warm at all times. These heaters are sure to make use of the whole amount of energy they produce, ensuring there is no heat loss at any point.

Instant heat up; the infrared heaters will heat your room instantly. You do not have to wait for the conduction process as the heat gets through to your skin and clothes in a short while by getting rid of cold air in a short while.

Saves you money; yes you heard me right; the infrared space heater will save you loads of money. The infrared space heater will save you energy and ensure the energy bill does not skyrocket at any point. The price of your heater will not have you break the bank to enjoy warm nights.

Minimal maintenance; to have your infrared space heater in great condition, you will not need much. The technology adopted by the infrared heaters does not require much moving of the parts, and you can rest easy about the motor.

Are our ceramic heaters more energy efficient?

Ceramic space heaters depend on the convention for the transmission of heat in your space. The name ceramic is attributed to the ceramic plates found in the heater which get heated up by electricity and then pass the heat to the aluminum baffles which see the spread of arm air in the room by convection.

The sizes of the ceramic space heaters make it possible to have them moved from room to room. In comparison to oil space heaters or radiant space heaters, ceramic space heaters are more energy-efficient and will do a great job in heating small spaces. The ceramic space heaters will not offer much in large rooms.

When thinking of safety measures, ceramic space heaters are highly recommended. This is attributed to the element in the ceramic space heater not excessively heating up at any point and you could touch it.

It reduces risks by a higher percentage of burns and accidental fires. With extra features such as automatic shutoff and timers in place, the ceramic space heaters will save you save on electricity consumption. A ceramic space heater does a great job in heating small spaces and will offer energy efficiency at all times.

Can I leave my infrared heater on all the time?

Your infrared space heater offers safety at all times, and you are safe to have it remain on throughout the night. With the safety measures in place, the infrared space heater will be sure to keep you safe from accidental fires.

The only thing you ought to have in mind when using the infrared space heater is the distance. It has to be away from other objects up to 3 feet.  For your gas infrared space heater, it is not advisable to have them switched on unattended in case of a gas leak which may lead to damage.

Other infrared space heaters are safe to have remained on and unattended overnight with little to worry about. Below are some of the measures you need to have in place before leaving your infrared space heater on all through the night.

The portable quartz heaters and the gas-fired space heaters do pose a danger and they have to be attended to before opting to have them on through the night. Ensure the following;

  • A distance from other objects
  • Away from children or pets
  • Have the tripping hazard minimized by the position of the heater

When the above measures are given consideration you will be sure to enjoy a good heated space during the night. You ought to have the following measures in mind when purchasing a heater that will remain on all through the night,

  • A thermostat
  • A timer function
  • An automatic switch-off in case of heat up
  • A tip-over protection

Be sure to go through the manual and follow the advice to ensure the heater provides heat safely. Using your heater in the right way will have you make good use of your heater for a long time. Ensure that the heater is away from the socket outlet and have it 3 feet away from furniture, curtains, clothes, or paper and most importantly away from children and pets.

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