5 Best Solar Cover for Above Ground Pool in 2022 Review & Buying Guide

When the nights get longer and the air gets cooler, the water temperature in your pool also goes down. This means the time to enjoy swimming in your pool is over. Or maybe not.

Maybe it’s just time to buy a solar pool cover!

We’ll have a look at these five best solar covers for above ground pools.

These covers are designed specifically to raise the temperature of the pool water by a few degrees, besides keeping out the debris. If you have a pool heater, a solar cover will also help bring down the running cost of the heater by keeping water comparatively warmer.

You can find a variety of covers. However, you can extend your swimming season by a few weeks, or even months only if you invest in the best solar pool cover.

But the million-dollar question is, what is the best solar pool cover on the market?


Editors Pick

Sun2Solar Blue 24-Foot Round Solar Cover – Check Price on Amazon

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“Great price and good quality pool cover. Highly recommended”

Best budget under $50

Intex Solar Cover for Frame Pools – Check Price on Amazon

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“Most affordable and value for money for Intex pools “

Market Bestseller

Thermo-Tex 2831224 Swimming Solar Pool Cover – Check Price on Amazon

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“Most excellent in customer experience”

Best Solar Cover for Above Ground Pool

Solar Pool Covers Suitable For  Rating
1. Thermo-Tex 2831224 Rectangular pools 9.0/10
2. Sun2Solar Blue 24-Foot Rectangular pools 9.2/10
3. Intex Solar Cover for Frame Pools Round Pools 8.5/10
4. MidWest Canvas SC-BS-000004 Round Pools 8.7/10
5. Blue Wave NS 110 Solar Cover Round Pools 8.0/10

Let’s explores the answer…..

1.  Thermo-Tex 2831224 Above  Ground Swimming Solar Pool Cover

  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Extend your swimming season.
  • Lighter weight design.
  • Reduce water evaporation.

Tired of swimming in a cold pool? Well, you need to get yourself the best solar pool cover, and this here might be a suitable option for you. This solar cover will extend over your pool, reducing maintenance costs, and it measures 12 by 24 inches.

Besides retaining the heat in your pool, this cover also reduces chemical consumption, and it minimizes water evaporation. Moreover, it is made of high-quality UV stabilized polymers that enhance its durability. It also features a lightweight design and includes a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Product information

  • Manufacturer:  Thermo-Tex
  • Product Dimensions:  24 x 12 x 1 inches
  • Item Weight:  9 pounds
  • Item model number:      2831224
  • ASIN:    B00SFMLG44

What our team likes and its benefits

  • Long lasting
  •  Wide warranty coverage of 3 years
  •  Save electricity cost
  • Comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Features a lightweight design
  • Minimizes your pool’s maintenance costs
  • Relatively thin
  • May not float properly

2.  Sun2Solar Blue 24-Foot Round Solar Cover

  • Reduces high rate of water evaporation
  •  Suitable for inground and above the ground pools
  •  Affordably
Check Price on Amazon

This is yet another impressive solar cover for above ground pools, which you could get yourself to warm your pool. The cover not only features an attractive blue design but it’s also made from a film of plenty of tiny bubbles that help to retain the heat.

The Sun2Solar pool cover is designed to minimize water evaporation by up to 95%. That notwithstanding, it is easy to roll on and off. The cover is suited for 24-feet round pools, and it also prevents unwanted debris from getting into your pool.

Product information

  • ASIN:  B00DWB4K5A
  • Package Dimensions:  15 x 14 x 14 inches
  • Manufacturer:    Sun2Solar

What our team likes and its benefits

  • Reduces high rate of water evaporation
  •  Suitable for inground and above the ground pools
  •  Affordably
  • Reduces water evaporation by up to 95%
  • Suitable for both above ground and in-ground pools
  • You can trim it to fit your pool’s size
  • It’s a bit thin
  • The bubbles can get deflated

3. Intex Solar Cover for Frame Pools

  • 15-foot solar-heat retaining cover for round pool.
  • Retains heat up to 95 percent.
  • Eco-friendly, the carry bag is made from reusable material.
  • High-quality materials.
Check Price on Amazon

To enjoy a longer swimming season, consider this pool cover from Intex. The pool cover is quite suitable for 12′ diameter round pools. It is a popular product from Intex because it is one of the most economical and easy to use covers available on the market.

It reduces water evaporation by up to 95%.

Another good thing about this pool cover is that it comes with a reusable carry bag. It means that you can store the cover when it is not in use. It fits perfectly inside your pool and stays in place. You can keep the pump running even when you have your pool covered. The only issue is that the pool cover is a bit thin and the blue bubbles could have been stronger.

Product information

  • Item Weight:    2.6 pounds
  • Department: unisex-adult
  • ASIN:    B000PGRXR2
  • Product Dimensions:  144 x 144 x 15 inches

What our team likes and its benefits

  • Reduces high evaporation rates
  •  Made from a reusable carry bag which is a good thing
  •  Covers a diameter of 12″
  • Comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Features a lightweight design
  • Minimizes your pool’s maintenance costs
  • The material is very thin

4.  MidWest Canvas SC-BS-000004 Above Ground Solar Cover

  • UV protected.
  • Best for Retains heat at night.
  • Blue on silver round bubble pattern.
  • Durable and long-lasting material.

Do you need an inexpensive way to retain heat in your pool? Well then, you could check out the SC-BS-000004 Solar Cover and decide if it suits your needs. The cover is meant for 21-feet round above ground pools, and it has a thickness of 8mm.

The cover features a blue on silver round bubble pattern, and it is also UV protected. This solar pool cover works by pulling in the heat during the day and retaining it at night.

Automatic Pool Covers: These fully-automated covers are quite popular. You can open and close them with a mere push of a button. You have to install two tracks parallel to each other to make these covers work. Therefore, you need to hire a professional to have them installed, which adds to the overall cost of having them.

Product information

  • Manufacturer:  MidWest Canvas
  • Item model number:  BLUE/SILVER 21 RD 5YR
  • Item Weight:    16.95 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:  21 x 21 x 0.1 inches

What our team likes and its benefits

  • Offer a whooping 5 years warranty to its buyers
  •  Made from a durable and long lasting material
  •  Designed and mold to protect from UV sunlight
  • It is UV protected
  • Includes a 5-year warranty
  • 21-feet size
  • Has a good thickness
  • Expensive

5.  Blue Wave NS 110 Solar Cover

  • High-quality solar blanket.
  • Retains passive heat up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Reduces pool water and chemicals up to 95% evaporation.

If you are looking for an 8-mil thick solar cover, putting your money on Blue Wave NS110 can be a good bet. It works great to retain heat with its insulating thermal cells. It is made using a UV-protected polymer, which is why it is likely to serve you for many years without any issue.

The cover takes advantage of passive heating by raising the pool water temperature by up to 15F. It is usually enough to extend your swimming season a bit. The cover is not heavy at all, which means that even one person can remove it with ease.

The company stands behind its products and offers a 3-year warranty with this pool cover. While it works quite efficiently, it may cost you more than many other solar covers in a similar category.

Product information

  • Item model number:    NS110
  • Item Weight:    9.35 pounds
  • ASIN:            B003B0UESE
  • Product Dimensions:    51 x 14 x 14 inches

What our team likes and its benefits

  • Raised the pool temperature up to 20F
  • Offers a whooping 3 years warranty
  • The Cover is lightweight
  • Lightweight solar cover
  • UV-Protected polymerLONG-LASTING
  • Expensive

What are Different Types of Pool Covers?

Pool covers certainly help maximize your pool’s potential by keeping them warm. Once you have decided to buy a pool cover, the next thing is to decide which type of cover will suit you the most.

There are three basic types of pool covers available today – thermal, automatic, and solar covers. Here is a bit more about these types:

Automatic Pool Covers: These fully-automated covers are quite popular. You can open and close them with a mere push of a button. You have to install two tracks parallel to each other to make these covers work. Therefore, you need to hire a professional to have them installed, which adds to the overall cost of having them.

Thermal Covers: If you live in a relatively colder area, you may want to opt for a thermal cover or a thermal pool blanket, as they call it. It works great to limit evaporation. In other words, it insulates the water and goes on to extend your season. They also work fine to keep your pool clean because they prevent any extraneous debris from entering the pool.

Solar Pool Covers: One increasingly popular option is to opt for specially designed solar pool covers. Also called bubble covers, they are easy to install and also the most affordable pool covers. They have special bubbles on the surface that absorb the sun’s warmth and keep it trapped at night.

They reduce evaporation by 99% and reduce heating costs as well. However, over time the cheap covers start losing cover, which impacts their effectiveness and leaves a layer of unwanted plastic on the water surface.

What Makes Solar Pool Covers a Better Option?

Solar pool covers are fast becoming popular because of their affordable price and ease of installation.

You can opt for thermal pool covers or even put your money on automatic pool covers. However, they may be easier to use, but are going to cost you a lot more.

A solar pool cover is cost-effective and offers a range of benefits too. For instance:

It is the best option when you want a cover to help reduce evaporation. It can reduce evaporation by 99%.

Solar pool covers are better than other types because they work great to keep in the chemicals required to maintain the water chemistry. You are less likely to worry about adding more chemicals to the water, which cuts the overall maintenance cost.

When used correctly, solar pool covers can increase the temperature of pool water by 8 degrees. Other pool covers may only protect the water temperature from going down. The cover essentially turns your pool into a solar heater.

They do not require any serious skills for installation. You can handle the process with a pair of household scissors that you need to cut the cover as per the shape of your pool. Automatic pool covers require a professional’s help, and installing thermal covers can be tricky too.

A solar cover does not look unsightly, which may be the case with automatic pool coves. In the case of automatic covers, the tracks have to sit above ground, which makes them highly visible and unattractive.

Things to look out for when purchasing a solar pool cover

Pool covers are essential accessories in your pool. They save you a significant amount of time, which you would otherwise spend cleaning your pool each time you would like to use it.

That notwithstanding, a pool cover can help keep your pool warm. During long nights, the air gets cooler, which translates to lower water temperature in your pool, and you cannot enjoy swimming in such conditions.

However, you can get the best solar cover for the above ground pool to help raise the water temperature in your pool. Solar pool covers have gained a lot of popularity because of their affordability, plus they are easy to install. They have become a good substitute for pool heaters.

But, the problem comes in choosing the right solar pool cover because you’ll find plenty of products available. We understand this factor.

A solar pool cover is an affordable way to warm your pool so that you can have a comfortable dip even when it’s chilly. However, you must ensure to settle for a high-quality product, and its features determine that. Therefore, before you make your purchase, here are some of the points you should have in mind.

The type of pool

Generally, we have two types of pools  above ground pools and in-ground pools. Consequently, before you select a solar pool cover, you must establish the type of pool you have in your home. That way, you will invest in a product that suits your pool.

What’s more, you need to consider the size of your pool. You don’t want to settle for a pool cover that will not suit your pool. Make sure that you know the measurements of your pool before choosing a particular solar pool cover.

Ease of use

Before you make your solar pool cover purchase decision, you must consider the ease of use. Keep in mind that not every pool cover is easy to use. Some require more work. Technically, there are different types of solar pool covers – semi-automatic, automatic, and manual models.

Manual covers require you to do more work to cover and uncover your pool. On the other hand, semi-automatic models feature a reel system that uses electric power to move the pool cover, but you have to guide the movement. While automatic covers only require you to push a button for the cover to roll and unroll. However, they are more costly.


Different pool covers feature different materials, and you must select a cover whose material is durable and resilient. For above-ground pools, we would recommend you go for vinyl covers. They offer heavy-duty protection.

The thickness

Additionally, the thickness of the solar pool cover that you wish to get contributes to its efficiency. We suggest that you settle for a thicker solar pool cover because it can trap heat much better, plus it will be durable. Albeit you’ll pay more for such a cover.


An ideal solar cover for above ground pools will help retain heat in your pool and minimize evaporation. Besides, it keeps off debris in your pool, cutting on your maintenance costs. If you are looking for an inexpensive option to warm your pool, then you may consider getting one of the solar covers that we’ve listed above. round solar pool cover

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