Tower Fan Buying Guide According To Reddit in 2023 Guide

While there is certainly no shortage of slide-in options available that are aimed at the modern consumer for cooling and air conditioning their homes and properties, the tower fan is one of the great ways you can beat the summer doldrums.

If you can’t stand the hot humid and sticky weather, during summer then here is a detailed guide to help you whenever you go shopping for the best tower fan.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Tower Fan?

Top fan pivots and bottom

Tower Fan with Remote Control

Whenever you go shopping for oscillating or any other model of tower fans for your home or office or one for your cabin then there is a barrage of options available that you can check out and by using our simple guide you should be able to find the most suitable tower fan.

There is no super-complex set of options in the market, but there are quite a number of models you can choose from.

Tower Fan Buying Guide According To Reddit (Full Guide Categories)

The premium models come loaded with other features such as timing functions, remote controls, breeze modes, and even ionizers.

It’s important to note however that you may wish to consider a pedestal fan or stand fan as a better alternative to the tower fan if you intend to use it in a larger space.

In the case of an adjustable stand, this type enables you to adjust the height of the fan to a head-up higher in order for the air to be blown over a larger area of the room.

On the other hand, a pedestal fan with a fairly decent sized head such as 16″, which is one of the most common home fan sizes, can get you good enough coverage in a large room or office area.

However, if you are looking for something for your living room or bedroom or cabin then you might be interested to spend a little more to get a decent looking tower fan with some premium functions.

Best Tower Fan According to Reddit

 Some of the features and qualities that you should look into are:

  • Size

Tower fans come in different sizes. Most take up less than 1 square foot of floor space and they also tend to look very stylish.

Taking other fans into consideration, the diameter of the pedestal fan could vary from 16 inches to 30 inches. The wall mounts fan measures as much as 10 inches and you could have varying heights for the tower fan.

The oscillating or the bladeless tower fan will just be fine for smaller spaces either in your home or office because it’s both practical and it looks great too.

There are less expensive models which are much smaller alternatives known as the mini-tower fans that are easily be placed on a table or desk.

  •  Material

Some tower fans are made from a less sturdy material. Look to find out whether your tower fan is strong enough or if it’s too flimsy. If it is made of metal or a more sturdy material, it will be sturdier but of course also heavier. Sometimes the legs may be made from plastic and not strong enough to withstand the weight.

  •  Installation

Most of the fans have almost zero installation and are simple to use. However, in some instances, you might find missing screws and parts than having bent in transit.

Some models come with cords that might not be long enough to hang the fan high on the wall. In some scenarios, you might need to add a short extension cord. For wall mount, the location of the switch could be inconvenient if they are on top.

  • Noise

Look for a quiet motor a convenient feature to have at night for a sound sleep. There are tower fans than might seem very silent when running at low speed, but at higher speed, the noise level might be unacceptable.

It is really nice to have a quiet fresh breeze tower fan circulating air at night for a nice cool relaxing sleep.

  • Oscillation

Some tower fans have up to 3 oscillation functions from low to high – the standard horizontal oscillation, the vertical oscillation, and a combination of both horizontal and vertical oscillation.

This is called the dual-axis oscillation and ensures movement of air throughout the room. There are some tower fans where only the grill oscillates, rather than the entire fan.

  •  Timer

Look out for the timer. The timer function is very useful for the bedroom as it will enable the fan to switch off when you are sleeping and automatically turn on again in the morning.

Most models have this feature but see at what intervals they can be set. A Timer function that sets for 1-12 hour shut-off times, for your Convenience. There are fans that have timers go up at 30-minute intervals up to 7.5 hours.

Set the Programmable Thermostat to turn off at 2 up to 8-hour intervals. This will make it possible to leave and not worry about being on all day or night. This is a great energy saver.

  • Ionizer

This is a plus in a tower fan because it will take care of any smell that carries into the room. Also, check if the ionizer can be switched off if you don’t need to use it.

  • Remote

Some of the tower fans come with a remote that will help you control the speed, oscillation, mode of operation, and set the timer as well. A Remote Control with a built-in flashlight is a nice feature to have if you don’t want to keep getting up from where you are sitting or at night in your sleep.

  • Appearance

Tower fans all practically look-alike with minor variations on the buttons or dials and on colors.

The fans come in various designs. You could get one with a wood paneling if you have wooden walls or floors or a nice stylish looking black tower fan to match your decor. Maybe it might be made with a chrome or silver finish as opposed to a more “plastic” looking cheaper unit.

Some feature an electronic LCD display with easy touch button control making it easy to see what temperature you want it at. There is also a Programmable Thermostat that works with the Electronic LCD control.

What Is The Best Tower Fan To Buy?

Over the years, the fan has undergone some major and minor modifications in order to serve better and provide more convenience.

For the best tower fan, there are several rivals for the top tower fan in the tower fan industry and at the premium end, but what the bladeless tower fan is quickly becoming a market favorite.

The first unit of fan appliances used to be noisy and crude, but with the advances in modern technology, these fans can now function without even making single sound thanks to bladeless tower fan.

The concept of using blades to transmit air has not changed since the very first American fans were manufactured but with the invention of a bladeless tower fan, more and more homeowners are looking for this appliance not only because of its contemporary and space-saving design but because of its quality as well. Despite the very high price tag they are selling like pancakes.

Bladeless fans are a curiosity to those who for the first time come across the weird machines that propel air throughout the room just as good as any ordinary mechanical fan built for home use.

Their peculiarity is that there is no visible moving part that could do the job of the blades in a regular device.

There is only a hollow, circular, or elliptical head part that stands on a pedestal through which air somehow moves forward. There is no airflow right behind the head part but you can feel the wind blowing forward. Actually, inside its base, it has a fan that runs very fast and sucks the air inside. It pushes the air up through the pedestal and out of the small gaps on the sides of the head.

Bladeless tower fans have multiple features and functions that make their performance, appearance, portability, versatility, and convenience a market favorite. These features include multiple speeds and settings, a remote control, and a timer option besides an ultra-modern styling design and the solid metal chassis.

Tower Fan Buying Guide According To Reddit (Full Guide Categories)

Their tall and thin design makes them ideal for small- to medium-sized spaces. They fit well into any space, are portable, and when summer ends storage isn’t a headache. Being able to keep the fan on any space frees up limited counter and table space.

Bladeless tower fans are also safer than one with exposed blades. They are safe for children and pets.

As regards to dust, those who own convention fan might have encountered dust collection. But with bladeless tower fan, they have a washable air filter, that’s very easy to remove and replace. The filter is great for allergy sufferers because they filter off dust/pollen in the air.

Bladeless tower fans are an economical alternative to some of the more expensive options like air conditioning. The fans will give you the advantage of saving energy and lowering your electricity bills.

However, other product reviewers have stated that if you have a larger area to cool, then a portable air conditioner may be a better option for you. Tower fans are only good for cooling off people more than they are for entire rooms or homes.

Some living in larger apartments or a space with floor-to-ceiling windows with all-day sun exposure have felt the need to invest in portable air conditioning units. For most of us, though; a tower fan will be just what we need to keep us cool in warm climates

Are Tower Fan Good For Bedroom Or For Sleeping?

Compared to air conditioners tower fans have a variety of advantages.

Though air conditioners offer a greater degree of cooling experience, tower fans are more ideal for bedrooms and also for sleeping.

Tower fan manufacturers have tried to minimize intense noise production for easier integration of the fan into any setting.

If the noise level is of particular concern to you, try to find out a fan’s decibel (dB) rating. Some manufacturers list a fan’s decibel level while others may not.

Benefits of Tower Fans

Below are some of the more common benefits of using a tower fan instead of an AC.

  • Cost

Tower fans are relatively cheaper than AC. Moreover, their operational cost is surprisingly low compared to AC.

Fans also cost less to maintain than air conditioners, they do not have filters, exhaust systems, and drainage concerns associated with them.

The tower fan could be utilized 24/7 and they would still not cost you a fortune in the bargain If you are trying to spend economically and wouldn’t necessarily benefit from the added capacity of an air conditioner, purchasing a fan may be the perfect route to take.

  • Efficiency

Tower Fans consume less energy compared to AC in a similar-sized same space. Whereas air conditioners create a low volume of air at high pressure, tower fans create a high volume of air at a lower pressure

If you are looking to save on energy costs or only need a temporary cooling solution, you would do much better with a fan. Tower fans can help you save on your energy monthly bill.

  • Portability

Tower fans can be easily or put away for storage purposes because they weigh less require little or no installation. Fans operate out of the box. Merely choose a location and position them anywhere you want and plug it in.

Most fans do not require any assembly on your part, and those that do are easily put together. In case of an undesirable odor simply position the fan wherever you want the odor cleared.

  • Space

A tower fan is stylish and compact in size and maximizes space utilization in a room. For apartments with smaller rooms, a tower fan is a great option.

Tower fans are usually less one square foot of floor and they come with an aesthetic eye-pleasing appearance that will definitely complement your existing décor.

  • Maintenance

Maintaining a fan involves keeping the blades clean and keeping the fan clean. AC encounters dust collection. If you want to clean the air of dust/ pollen, the tower fan is what you really need.

Tower fans are a washable air filter, that’s very easy to remove and replace. The filter is great for allergy sufferers because they filter off dust/pollen in the air.

Tower fans are also far more convenient than ACs to repair and replace should a major incident befall it.

Running a tower fan is also one of the cleanest ways to reduce your carbon footprint as you cool your home or workplace because they are far easier on the environment than an air conditioning unit.

  • Multi-function units

The most advanced units have the ability to double up as fans for the summer and as a space heater for the cold winter months. Most have a built-in thermostat to easily make adjustments to the level of heat. A great benefit of these multi-function units is lower power consumption compared to the air-conditioners.

  • Ionizer feature

One of the latest additions to include on fans is the ionizers to help purify the air in the room. They are quite effective at keeping dust and other allergens out of the air. This type of feature is particularly useful for people who suffer sinus or respiratory problems, such as asthma.

While some need extra air circulation in their rooms, others contrarily look for ways to fight their allergies.

Also, this feature can be activated using a remote control for complete convenience.

Is A Tower Fan Better?

True, a buying guide for a fan is not exactly rocket science, but if you are planning to go fan shopping, you might wonder why you should get a tower fan.

Tower Fan Buying Guide According To Reddit (Full Guide Categories)

There are a variety of models that are usually designed keeping in mind versatility and thus may be available in modern styles.

If you intend to keep the fan in a large room, then you should consider buying a standing oscillating or adjustable fan because they feature a large blade capable of cooling larger rooms.

If you want to buy a fan for personal use, then its intended location is the first thing you should consider before making your purchase decision. In studies, table fans would be ideal; in bedrooms on the other hand you may consider investing in a good-looking and quiet tower fan, with an LCD display or night light.

For living rooms and other areas, you can choose between tables and stand fans, based on the size of the room.

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