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Eating a poor diet can contribute to weight gain and unhealthy lifestyles, but it can also contribute to health issues. Drinking clean water is one of the best ways to remain healthy. A reverse osmosis water filtration system is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to accomplish this.

If you’re looking for a water filter that can offer clean drinking water without the need to install a permanent system, then you should consider AquaTru for a try. The AquaTru is a countertop water filter that is simple to install and operate.

The best part is that it isn’t just your average water filter; it employs reverse osmosis technology, which allows it to remove even the smallest particles from your water. We put the AquaTru through rigorous testing to evaluate how it compared to other water filters on the market, and we discovered that it did exceptionally well in eliminating pollutants such as chlorine and lead from tap water.

AquaTru Water Filtration Purification Rating

AquaTru Water Filtration Purification Rating

Aqua Tru Filtration Systems is a company that provides a four-stage filtration system that can help you enhance your health. This water filter system meets NSF standards 42, 53, 58, 401, and P473. The device is intended to remove 99% of lead and other pollutants from drinking water.

What exactly are contaminants? Contamination is defined as “any physical, chemical, biological, or radiological substance or matter in water that affects the natural features of water and is a potential concern to human health,” according to the World Health Organization.

It has a high flow rate and can give clean drinking water to a large number of people quickly. In the process, it also decreases the taste and odor of chlorine. But what makes it truly unique is that it is a countertop item that does not require installation.

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Aqua Tru Perfect Minerals

It is used to restore minerals to reverse osmosis-filtered water. The AquaTru mineral RO System is intended to be both efficient and convenient. The system has a high flow rate, so you won’t have to wait for the water to filter through—you’ll have clean drinking water in a matter of minutes.

Because its innovative reverse osmosis system utilizes only 4 gallons of tap water for every gallon of safe, healthy drinking water produced (4:1 ratio), it wastes significantly less than ordinary RO systems, which squander 3-5 gallons each gallon of filtered water produced.

After filtration, it also utilizes an alkaline remineralization cartridge to restore the natural pH balance of your filtered drinking water. So drink up and never again be worried about what’s in your glass.

Aqua Tru Filter Installation but no plumbing

Aqua Tru Safe Water Filter Clean Water

The AquaTru is a countertop reverse osmosis system that requires only a few minutes to set up before you can start drinking clean water. Simply attach the unit to your faucet using the provided adapter and connect your sink’s drain pipe to the back of the device.

The AquaTru’s one-of-a-kind design makes it simple to maintain and run, due to an electronic display with an easy-to-use interface. This is critical for any household appliance.

It also includes an alkaline remineralization cartridge to remineralize and restore the natural pH balance of your filtered drinking water after filtering.

AquaTru Water Filter having issues

There are a few things you should be aware of regarding the AquaTru water filter issues. We discovered leakage caused by design faults, as well as difficulties with devices that ceased working after a few months of use. In many cases, troubleshooting as indicated in the manual proved ineffective.

AquaTru states that this only affects a small number of users and that there is a one-year warranty covering material and manufacturing defects.

How long does the AquaTru filter last?

Your AquaTru whole-house water filter is a powerful machine that removes pathogens and impurities from your water. In reality, it is intended to endure for more than two years before needing to be replaced. But how do you know when to replace the filters?

It’s simple! Simply look for the lights on the front panel to indicate which filter needs to be replaced. When the amount of gallons utilized reaches 600, stage 1/2 replacement is required. The reverse osmosis membrane should be replaced every 1200 gallons, and the VOC filter every 600 gallons (stage 4).

you’re probably looking at biannual/annual filter replacements that take only a few minutes and don’t require any tools!

What are AquaTru filters removed?

  • Lead (99.1%)
  • Chlorine (96.6%)
  • Chloramines.
  • Fluoride (93.5%)
  • Arsenic.
  • VOCs, volatile organic compounds

Does AquaTru Remove Nitric Acid?

Does AquaTru Remove Nitric Acid

AquaTru is a technological marvel designed to remove the anxiety of drinking water. Its 4-stage system functions exactly like a large water treatment plant—but in the palm of your hand!

Our AquaTru filtration system’s technology has been certified by NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, 58, 401, and P473. The AquaTru water filter eliminates 82 pollutants from your drinking water. Heavy metals such as lead, preservatives such as fluoride, and pharmaceuticals are examples.

AquaTru is a reverse osmosis water filter that removes almost all impurities from tap water and purifies it to bottled water standards right from your faucet.

The filtration process is similar to sipping water with a straw.

To begin, your drinking straw contains a screen to keep big particles out, such as silt and rust. The sediment and difficult pollutants are trapped by the countertop water filter. The T-fitting with specific RO membranes then gradually cleanses the water. It is quite good at removing heavy metals like lead and chromium-6, as well as fluoride, NITRATES, TDS (total dissolved solids), radium, and BPA (Bisphenol A).

Finally, any leftover contaminants are captured by the activated carbon filter. What was the end result? In seconds, your family will be able to enjoy cool, fresh water.

Finally, an activated carbon polishing block filter decreases organic compounds (PFOA and PFOS), pesticides (DDT), drug residue (amphetamine), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other impurities in your water supply. It also ensures that the water tastes great.

All of the nasty things are caught and thrown in a second tank in the back. In addition, the clean-water tank has a capacity of 3 quarts and is removable for cooling in the refrigerator.
AquaTru only employs BPA- and BPS-free Tritan plastic. Tritan has no hormonal activity.

Because of the long-lasting filters and simple filter replacements, system maintenance is minimal (takes literally 2 minutes with no need for tools). In addition, an indicator light will notify you when it is time to change your filters.

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Our Verdict

Our favorite reverse osmosis system is the AquaTru. Extensive testing demonstrates that it supplies high-quality drinking water without the need for installation. Furthermore, upkeep is a piece of cake and very economical. 5.5 stars after considering everything! Click to continue reading Brita Longlast vs Aquagear vs Zerowater vs Aquasana vs Clearly Water Filter Pitcher.

James Smith