HoneyWell vs. Dyson vs. Lasko Tower Fans Reddit – comprehensive guide

Are you wondering which oscillating tower fan is the best? No problem because in this article, we are going to look at the main contrasting features of 3 households named the tower fan industry; Honeywell, Dyson, and Lasko.

These are the most used tower fans in the industry and if you are going to shop for an oscillating tower fan for your house or even the office, there are several factors you can consider. These tower fans have their pros and cons too and by following our guide you will be able to find the most suitable one.

Below are the major things that one needs to know about these tower fans.

First… a summary of our findings:

Our Top Pick

Honeywell vs. Dyson vs. Lasko Tower Fans

 Let Drive in…

Honeywell Tower Fan

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Why we liked it: Budget Friendly, Versatile, High Capacity, and Low Energy.

Honeywell tower fans are hard to beat in terms of versatility, low energy, capacity, and price. This is a low-energy oscillating tower fan model with the ability to blow away heat in the house efficiently over large spaces. It’s an outstanding whole-house tower fan that’s highly efficient.

The Honeywell tower fan is powerful enough to send a cool breeze throughout a large area or zone. It rapidly reduces humidity and condensation plus the air quality is also fresh and cleaner. We highly recommend it. If you have a large room, then you can choose the Honeywell because it works well.

Its lower lever energy usage may save you in the long run because it reduces energy costs. It comes with a touch control panel and a bonus remote control that works exceptionally well.

These settings are displayed on the front of the fan to make it easier for the user to operate.

The digital display has eight quiet settings for practicality but the two most important are the sleep mode and power mode. You won’t hear any sound because the Honeywell has low sound settings which consist of three-speed modes that make zero noise. You can probably only hear a low humming sound. However, on higher settings, the tower fan tends to be slightly audible.

It also has a timer for shutting off automatically within 1-8 hours of running. This feature is recommended to all persons who travel or work at homeless frequently. In a time of power outage – whenever the power goes off, the tower fan automatically stops functioning as it’s run by electric waves.

Honeywell also carries a range of tower fans, floor fans, and oscillating fans to find one for every room in the house. There is a large enough tower fan big enough to remove moisture in the whole house, meaning you won’t need to buy several devices around the house. This American tower fan is about as good as it gets.

However, this tower fan has its share of drawbacks. When you purchase the Honeywell tower fan it requires construction which is not readily available.

When setting it down also it can get wobbly, its safety depends on the type of floor it’s laid on. When on a rough cranky surface or even worse a carpet, it can easily topple and fall.

This is because it happens to be engineered in such a way that it has a huge stand that can only prevent damage only when around a good-spaced area. This tower fan is in fact restricted to one area (an area without a carpet).

Despite all the bells and whistles, the Honeywell is not one of the most powerful fans because at the highest setting the airflow is fairly substantial up to 10 feet, with a modest airflow to 15 feet. It however drops dramatically after that.

Some people feel like the fan is noisy. This is the case with most other tower fans so if you are expecting a quiet tower fan then you will likely be disappointed. The marketing team also can sometimes overstate how quiet the fan is.


  • Many Budget-friendly options
  • It has eight different speed settings.
  • Quite set technology for controlling the white nose.
  • It has a remote control included.
  • Improve air quality
  • Energy efficiency helps you save money


  • Can get wobbly

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Dyson Tower Fan

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Why We Liked It: A Streamline Tower Fan, Appliance Direct
Dyson tower fans are said to work “bladeless” so this might be the trick if you have pets and small kids. It’s incredibly easy to use, not particularly ugly relatively light, and not too loud. This is the best bet if you want something portable.

Dyson does have blades it’s just not placed inside the pedestal stand and so they can’t be seen. Inside the fan, the electric motor runs a tiny fan with asymmetrically aligned blades. The blades smoothen the airflow by pushing the air through a set of stationary blades.

The airflow that passes through the pedestal curved path comes out from small 16mm slits around the flame of the fan at a 16-degree angle. When looking at these devices there are no visible moving parts.

They are easier to clean compared to other tower fans because they don’t have grills or blades to gather dust. They don’t have the first spinning blades that can hurt your hands while cleaning them and also it is easier to change the filter.

Parts of its appeal are several useful features such as a timer, economy, high, and auto settings. The Dyson fan also looks cool and beautiful if the aesthetics are important then the Dyson fan comes with all the beauty. It’s known for investing heavily in engineering new prototypes and perfecting its designs.

It has an added feature such as a remote control to adjust the airflow setting and also you can set sleep timers. On top of that, it has a heating feature for winter. Its heating performance is quite effective and heats the room and spreads the heat effectively with its fan.

Dyson fans are energy efficient. Most of them have low consumption of power than regular fans. The Dyson fan also feels sturdy and as though it would withstand any accidental knocks and it has a large base making it unlikely to tip over.

In essence, this model does the basics well; it’s remarkably quiet, light, and portable

Dyson also has its fair share of drawbacks. The Dyson fan is more expensive compared to other tower fans. Its features and futuristic looks make it eye-catching contributing to the high price.

The Dyson 10’ fan produces 50 decibels which are slightly more than a similar-sized desk fan that moves 25 times the volume of air.

Dyson fans feature an impeller inside the base that moves air. The impeller uses more energy per CMF than a propeller fan due to the greater resistance an impeller is designed to overcome. When you purchase the Dyson tower fan you should know that it will use more energy than the regular fan.


  • Portable and convenient
  • Automatic shut-off saves you time & energy
  • Maintenance is Easy and Quick
  • Improve air quality
  • Can be used in any Room


  • Expensive
  • Energy inefficient

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LASKO Tower Fan

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Why We Liked It: Best Budget, Low Energy and High Capacity

Not everyone can splash on a tower fan frankly, in many cases, you don’t need to. This is a compact, budget-friendly tower fan that’s ideal for most households. It’s one of the most powerful home-use tower fans out there, so if you’re in a particularly large hot room this could be your best bet. It’s a fairly basic-looking contraption from the American brand Lasko.

The Lasko tower fan has all the features that a quality tower fan should have to make your life more comfortable. These are some of these features;

It has 3-speed settings for different levels of airflow. It provides smooth consistent airflow and an oscillating feature that reaches the entire room to help bring down the temperature.

Its widespread oscillation allows you to direct the airflow in any direction that you want to. When you turn on the oscillation the fan will direct the air from one side to another allowing the air to distribute and cooling the room

The quiet operation of this fan makes it ideal in a child’s bedroom, the office, and even a normal bedroom as it will not disturb you with any noise. It also has a space-saver design.

The programmable timer is a thoughtful feature – most significantly; this includes an auto function that analyses the surrounding environment and decides whether the machine needs to be on/off. This is useful because it saves electricity bills since it will not run when it doesn’t need to.

An LED display shows the remaining number of hours. On top of that, the Lasko tower fan has a remote control so that you can adjust and change the settings without having to stand up every time.

The Lasko fan also has a slim build at 13 inches wide and long. Though looks can be deceiving, its slim high-reaching design makes it an absolute “powerhouse”.

The Lasko fan comes with a user manual because the company wants its users to spend more time enjoying the product rather than taking their time trying to figure them out. The nighttime sleep mode dims the control lights to ensure your bedroom environment is suitable for sleep. It’s also fitted with tilt protection in case it’s knocked over there’s little not to like about Lasko.

However, while it’s full of bells and whistles, is powerful, and has a powerful oscillation, these are some minor negatives. The device is heavy and it can also be quite loud; though there is a quiet mode.

Nevertheless, it’s a top tower fan that comes with the bonus of an air purifier function.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Helps you feel comfortable
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to use
  • Useful programmable feature


  • Higher utility bills
  • Heavy

LASKO  Check Price on Amazon

Final Verdict

In a quest to search for the best tower fan between Honeywell, Lasko, and Dyson, you’ll have to consider several things. Not all of them work the same, even though all may look pretty sitting in your living room or bedroom.

Cosmetically, the best tower fan should be appealing since it will be visible all the time, and you do not want an eyesore sitting there for eternity, or what may seem like it. But, of course, besides that, there are other considerations to make.

After reading through the performance data and customer reviews, we decided to settle on Dyson Tower Fan as the best tower fan of the 3 known brands.

Dyson stands out from the other Honeywell and Lasko because it’s designed with groundbreaking Air Multiplier technology with no blades, which generates more air than conventional fans that have blades.

This technological development has revolutionized the traditional format of most tower fans which has largely remained unchanged for over a century, setting Dyson a premium end tower fan.

Air multiplier technology will create a powerful stream of uninterrupted airflow more than the rival tower fan. The benefit created from this futuristic design is that it has practically gotten rid of dust collection which is typical with other conventional fans. A simple wipe around the rim is all that’s needed to make it clean.

Situated in a metal chassis, the airflow of the Dyson Cool AM07 feels different from a traditional tower fan due to the absence of blades that chop the air, offering more of a smooth current than the conventional buffeting. This also keeps children and pets safe.

Also, it includes a sleep timer and a sleek curved remote control stored neatly on the machine. The noise level rivals a number of the quietest among its competitors. Other features include;

  1. Restart automatically automatic shut-off saves you your time & energy
  2. Maintenance is Easy and Quick
  3. Futuristic design 
  4. Portable and convenient

Owing a tower fan during the summer season is a good addition to your house when the sun is hot and the temperature in the house rises. It helps creates cleaner and more conducive air in your home preventing so many respiratory diseases. Observe a clean atmosphere around your bedroom to the benefit of yourself and your loved one and get a better dehumidifier for your bedroom from us now.


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