Best Tankless Water Heater for Large Homes (See our Top pick 2023)

Are you looking to invest in the best tankless water heater for large homes?  Well, here we have reviewed the best tankless water heaters available in the market.

Just a quick preview of the working mechanisms when it comes to purchasing tankless water heaters, water heaters, it’s fundamentally important to consider your geographical location as this will determine the performance of the tankless water heater that you are about to purchase.

Tankless water heaters aren’t going to work well in northern climates compared to the southern climates where it’s always hot, so natural gas is best recommended for northern states.

From a technical standpoint, all-electric water heaters work based on flow and temperature rise. If the water heater can’t control the inflow of the water, it can’t control the outflow of the water temperature.

In the wintertime, the average temperature rise in the northern states is slower than the average temperature rise in the southern states, and the water heater can’t keep up and can’t control the flow.

We’re going to be precise, succinct, and to the point in this article. as we review the best economical and energy-efficient tankless water heater systems out there with their most efficient temperature points which will best serve your residential needs.

It’s worth noting that you will need to consider the waiting time between the heater and the taps when installing the tankless heater for a large home. You will need the most convenient spot for the water heater to supply hot water at multiple points of use.

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Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater

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Stiebel Eltron 232886– Single

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 ECO SMART ECO 27 – Best Electric Tankless

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Best Tankless Water Heater for Large Homes 2022

Brand/ModelMaximum Flow RateRating
1. ECO SMART ECO 276 GPM9.4/10
3. RHEEM RTEX13 Electric Tankless4 GPM9.2/10
4. V94iN – Natural Gas/9.4 GPM4 GPM8.5/10
5. Camplux ME25 Mini Tank Electric Water Heater2.5 GPM9.1/10
6. Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater4 GPM9.2/10

Let us Dive in ……

1.  ECO SMART ECO 27 – Best Electric Tankless Water Heater

  • Digital temperature control.
  • Compact size saves valuable storage space.
  • Activation Flow: 0.3 GPM.
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The performance of these water heaters is nothing short of amazing, thus making it the most recommended water heater in the market. It is a very efficient tankless water heater that can serve more demanding water usage needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Self-modulating technology

One of the reasons it’s popular is because of its accurate digital temperature control that adjusts temperature rise in increments of 1 degree.

Depending on factors such, as the climate i.e. colder temperatures as low as 37 degrees (F) or warmer climates with temperatures as low as 67 degrees (F), the hot water demands, and the size of the model, these devices will be able to heat the water at the rate of between 2 gallons per minute and 6 gallons per minute. Marey Tankless

They will also not provide more heat than the energy required thus cutting down on heat loss up to 99.8%, thus saving costs.

Self-modulation makes these heating devices very efficient tankless water heaters.

  • Digital temperature display

It features a digital temperature display, making it easy to use. The display shows the outflow temperature. Through the control panel, you can conveniently adjust the temperature to suit your needs.

The temperature display has a safety limit of 140 degrees (F) which minimizes the chance of scalding yourself.

  • Endless hot water

Choose the Size The Eco Smart Eco Tankless Water Heater can provide unlimited hot water for many applications or just one application.

With the Echo 11 option, this model performs at 2 gallons per minute above 67 degrees Fahrenheit (Fahrenheit). The school has two baths and one shower the same time in the southern states. Northern states provide a tub or two sinks.

The next model eco 18 has an optimum performance of 2.5 gallons per minute at 37 degrees (F) and above. It serves one shower and a sink simultaneously in the northern states while in the southern states it serves two showers and sinks simultaneously.

The next model is eco 24. In northern climates, it can serve a shower and two sinks while in southern climates it can serve three showers and two sinks.

The next model is the eco 27 which is the most in-demand eco-smart model. In the northern climates, it’s capable of supplying water at the rate of 3 gallons per minute handling two showers and a sink at the same time. The southern states its capable of supplying 6 gallons per minute handling four showers and a sink simultaneously.

The final model is eco 36. This is the largest model of eco-smart electric tankless water heaters. In the northern climates, it is capable of heating two sinks and a shower at the same time while in the southern climates it can heat three showers and two and a half sinks simultaneously.

  • Compact size, affordable and reliable

It is also small and light and uses limited space. The cost and reliability make it easy and affordable to use for the whole family due to their need for hot water. It only turns on when hot water is needed, saving up to 50% on your heating costs.

Moreover, it requires easy installation. Operates at 240V on all models at temperatures above 80 degrees (F) and 140 degrees (F). Each model is equipped with thermal protection to prevent overheating due to damage to the building or the start of a fire.

Technical Support provides these services if needed.

What our team likes and its benefits

  •  It’s hot water on demand. It only turns on when you need hot water, saving you up to 50% on water heater costs.
  • Self-modulating technology that saves energy. This allows you to use only the amount of energy that you require. You save 98.8 percent of the energy that would otherwise be lost.
  • A warranty that covers electronics and an exchanger for the duration of its life.
  •  Easy to assemble. When you need assistance, the company also provides good personal and professional support.
  •  The upper-temperature limit of 140 degrees F is a precautionary measure to avoid scalding yourself.

Product information

  • Wattage:       36000 watts.
  •  Dimensions: 17 x 19 x 3.7 inc.
  •  Kg:          18.35 pounds
  • It has digital temperature control, which saves energy.
  • Self-modulating.
  • Smaller size saves valuable storage space.
  • Copper and stainless steel components for efficiency and longevity.
  • A warranty that covers electronics and an exchanger for the duration of its life.
  • •No assurance warranty.

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2. Stiebel Eltron 232886– Single/Multi-Point of Use Tankless Water Heater for Large Home

  • Electronic flow sensor switches.
  • 3-Year Parts Warranties are included with purchase.
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If you are planning to retrofit your water heater, you might want to consider bringing a Stiebel Eltron 232886 to your home when shopping for the best water heater. It is a beautifully designed machine with a very simple user interface.

There are six series of Stiebel Eltron Single /Multi-Point of Use Tankless Water Heaters and Stiebel Eltron 232886 is one of them.

For over 90 years Stiebel Eltron has come up with innovative heating technology that has made its products stand out in the market completion. One of its pioneer innovations is sound elimination which makes the device silent in operation.

Let’s check out below one of the Stiebel Eltron heating devices, its product features, and its benefits.

Features and Benefits

  • Cutting-edge microprocessor controls

One of its features is the advanced microprocessor control, which ensures that when the water is set at a specific temperature, it will not deviate from that temperature if the flow changes.

This means that if the flow rate fluctuates due to multiple water users using the water at the same time, the system will automatically control the water temperature to ensure it does not drop.

It also has thermostatic controls to prevent overheating.

  • Infinite hot water

The Stiebel Eltron 232886 is a dependable water heater that will keep you from running out of hot water. It regulates water pressure caused by multiple hot water demands in the household using its advanced flow control.

When the device detects an increase in hot water demand, it will automatically self-modulate to maintain the hot water temperature. This makes the device very appropriate for large homes and households.

Its optimal operation flow depending on geographical location includes;

  • 3.9 GPM for 42 degrees (F),
  • 4.6 GPM for 52 degrees (F),
  • 5.7 GPM for 62 degrees(F)
  • 7.5 GPM for 72 degrees (F).

·      Digital temperature display

It’s operating the device through the digital temperature display. With the temperature knob, you are able to enjoy the desired temperature between 86 degrees (F) and 140 degrees (F).

The temperature knob eliminates the need for remote selector control which performs the same function as the temperature knob.

·      Ideal water heater

Stiebel Eltron 232886 Tankless Water Heater is the ideal water heater for two to three-bedroom homes. It efficiently converts electrical energy into heat, making an excellent eco-friendly machine while saving on your energy costs.

They are also silent while in use. Its small footprint, and sleek white design, save space yet still provide a stable temperature output for your whole house with no venting

If you are handy, it’s not too hard to install. Warranties are included with the purchase.

What our team likes and its benefits

  • Temperature readings in decimal points are displayed on a digital temperature display, giving you an accurate and specific reading.
  • Auto-modulation saves energy while providing end-user comfort and device longevity.
  • With advanced flow control, it maintains a constant temperature. You can program the temperature to change at different times of day and on different days of the week.
  • Preset temperature memory buttons that help you save money on heating and cooling.
  • Water flow that can be controlled electronically for greater energy savings

Product information

  • Model: 232886.
  •  Weight:            1 pound.
  •  Dimensions: 16.5 x 5.5 x 18.4 inches
  • Significantly reduces electricity consumption, which reduces operating costs.
  • a long warranty
  • Programmable.
  • flexibility
  • Energy-efficient
  • Difficult and expensive

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3.  RHEEM RTEX13 Performance Self-Modulating Electric Tankless

  • Energy-efficient tankless water heater.
  • Value for money.
  • Temperature Control.
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Among the water heaters we have reviewed thus far, this model is the best value for money and will pleasantly surprise you with its construction.

It provides the ideal balance of price, features, and durability, as well as being low in harmful emissions. With a star rating of 4.5 stars, it is one of the most popular water heaters on the market.

What are some of its characteristics?

The following is a detailed description of its features and benefits.

 Features and Benefits 

    • Digital thermostat

Equipped with a digital thermometer with external adjustment. Modern appliances can convert electricity, gas, or propane into heat. Electricity can convert 100% of its energy into heat and gas or propane can convert 94% of its energy into heat.

Cost-effective energy saving is a great tool that is environmentally friendly while reducing energy costs. You can save up to 50% on your energy bill.

·    Point of use

It’s a point-of-use model thanks to the design nature of the water heater, which makes it convenient whenever needed. It is ideal for a single faucet or shower. You can use it also for multiple applications when installed either outdoors or indoors.

Below is the recommended flow rate for each application.

  • Standard hand sink – 0.50 GPM
  • Kitchen sink and dishwasher– 1.0 to 2 GPM
  • Washing machine – 1.0 to 1.50 GPM
  • Water saver shower head – 1.50 GPM
  • Standard showerhead – 2GPM·
  • Digital temperature display

It features an LED temperature display that enables you to adjust temperature changes with increments of 1 degree (F). It’s also compact but powerful and has self-modulation features. You certainly don’t get a more intelligent design than this. Learn more about the product below in a summary of what we liked about it.

What our team likes and its benefits

Corrosion-resistant due to the Rugged top brass and copper immersion heating elements used in the construction of its heat exchanger unit; thus, making it 99.8% energy efficient. It uses a 13-kilowatt heater element that requires 240 v and 55 amps.

  • Digital temperature display, which enables you to adjust temp increments at 1°f and is also much easier to read and can calculate the temperature reading faster.
  • 8% energy efficient cutting down your electricity bill up to approximately 50 %. The initial installation cost will be paid off over time.
  • It weighs 4 pounds, making it quick and easy to install, and can be mounted at the point of use. You don’t need a professional expert to do the job.
  • ON/OFF Dial Control, which you can grasp and turn on to the degree that corresponds to your desired output.
  • On-demand hot water. Water is heated directly whenever one needs it. It uses less water too and is generally safer at the end of the day.

Product information

  • Product Dimensions; 4 x 9 x 13 inches
  • Features a digital display
  • Weight; 4 pounds
  • Voltage; 240 volts
  • Wattage; 13 KW
  • Two-pipe direct vent system.
  • Energy efficiency
  • Temperature Control
  • super compact and convenient thus easy to install
  • Value for money; price is unbeatable
  • Terrific if you are living alone or couples in one-bedroom apartments
  • Design is noisier
  • Less efficient with max water temperature f 120.
  • Low flow turns on.
  • Not recommended for the whole house water heater.

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   4. Rinnai V Series HE Gas Tankless Hot Water Heater

  • Natural Gas Indoor Installation Only.
  • Up to 9.4 GPM hot water flow.
  •  Factory Warranty – 120 months.
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The Rinnai V series HE tankless heater is made by Rinnai which is among the oldest tankless water heater makers in the world. So what makes this water heater an ideal option for large homes is that it can provide a large amount of hot water in a short time.

Its flow rate ranges from 5.3GPM, 6.5GPM, 7.5 GPM, and 9.4GPM. This is capable of supplying endless hot water to your entire whole house.

Rinnai is a trusted brand for over 100 years priding it on being the number one gas tankless water heater.

It has a compact design with a lot of features that will give you value for your money. Check below to learn more.

·    Large on-demand hot water supply

Depending on your household needs, Rinnai has several series of tankless water heaters to guarantee you an endless supply of hot water. These models are V94, V75, V65, and V53.

The V94 is the largest in this series and is capable of supporting 9.4 GPM of water. This model can provide constant hot water for multiple bathrooms at the same time.

The V 75 flow rate reaches as high as 7.5 GPM thus it is a perfect tankless water heater for a family with three or four bathrooms. Natural gas also makes it a powerful source of energy.

The flow rate of the V65 unit reaches around 6.5 GPM, which makes it ideal for keeping water at the desired temperature, even if multiple bathrooms are used simultaneously.

The final model is the V53. The flow rate of this unit reaches as high as 5.3 GPM. This is a perfect one for a family with two or three bathrooms, easily handling two or three faucets at a time without compromising on water pressure. It can be used in the southern states where temperatures are as high as 140 degrees (F).

·      Energy-efficient and affordable

Besides, Rinnai’s series has good price points, and they are energy efficient with an energy rating of 94%.

With energy needs ranging from 15200 to 199000 BTU per hour, it’s a great option that will give you a constant supply of hot water without your gas bill skyrocketing.

What our team likes and its benefits

  • A high flow rate can meet the hot water needs of large homes. The water heater can handle multiple faucets at the same time.
  • The temperature lock feature is designed to prevent the accidental high temperature of the water that can scald you.
  • Easy operation. It’s easy to adjust the temperature using the dial panel that displays the temperature reading on an LED screen.
  • Inbuilt self-modulating technology which makes you turn on when hot water is needed.

Product information

  •  Dimensions:  14 x 8.3 x 25.9 inches.
  • Color:              V94iN - Natural Gas/9.4 GPM.
  •  Weight:         46.3 pounds
  • Energy efficient
  • Perfect for large families
  • Economical
  • Quiet operation
  • Short waiting time
  • Needs to be installed by a professional

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5.  Titan Tankless N-210 Whole House Water Heater System Heater

  • Extremely energy-efficient water heater.
  • Installation is quick and easy.
  • Works very well with hard water.
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A quick preview of this powerful tankless water heater; it’s a perfectly sized tankless water heater for medium-sized families and it works on demand just like the previous water heaters.
It starts working whenever a hot water faucet is turned on. The inbuilt sensor turns on the heating element and a computer chip chooses the right power output to the elements based on the settings made by the user.

The heater will remain on until you close the hot water faucet. Once you close, the flow sensor will detect that water has stopped and switched off power to the unit.

It’s most suitable in southern states where the climatic conditions are 65 degrees (F). The electronic components have a warranty of 1 year while the water components can last 10 years.
Learn more about Titan SCR2 below.

Powerful tankless water heater

This model is popularly known for its compact size. It’s the smallest unit on this list measuring 7 x 10 x 2.75 inches. Its size, however, doesn’t limit its capacity to perform though thus, consumers rate it to a stable level of 4 stars. It’s capable of supplying endless hot water for your entire home.

Temperature controller
Temperature is regulated using an analog temperature controller, which monitors the inflow and outflow twenty-one times per second at 20 degrees F of 40GPM.

Easy installation
Its compact design allows for easy installation. However, in case you require assistance, you can contact the company’s support team. The company has developed a good relationship with its customers. They offer guides and live chat options too.

What our team likes and its benefits

  • Energy-saving and performance –the intelligent design of this model enable it to work well with a low amount of energy, making it quite energy efficient .you can expect to save up to 40 % of the electric bill.
  • Features a resettable thermostat manual for a safety measure that eliminates the unexpected risk of scalding.
  • Features also has a digital display, which makes it extremely easy to set the temperature and use it.
  • It’s suitable for running a medium-sized house
  • Its design is simple yet good-looking; therefore, you don’t feel embarrassed if it’s on the wall.
  • Installation is quick and straightforward. You can do it yourself if you are handy without the need to call for professional assistance.

Product information

  • Product Dimensions; 12 x 10 x 5 inches
  • Color; tan steel
  • Features a digital display
  • Weight; 2 pounds
  • Voltage; 220 volts
  • Wattage; 13 KW
  • Two-pipe direct vent system.
  • Extremely energy efficient.
  • Can support a house with two bathrooms in warmer climates.
  • Works very well with hard water
  • It has a very compact size and is a space saver.
  • Installation is quick and easy.
  • 10 years of warranty on water-carrying components and one year warranty on the rest of its components.

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6. Camplux Me40- 4 Gallon Mini   Tank Electric Water Heater

  • 2.5-gallon point-of-use mini-tank.
  • Thermostat Control.
  • Value for money.
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Complex made a name for itself by being the company with a revolutionary design for its product, making it the single tankless water heater on the market. It has a series of water heaters some of which are designed to use gas, propane, or electricity. This model uses electricity.

Its exterior design is stylish and attractive. It blends well with existing home decor when installed in a visible location, making this heater a great option when mounted in basement wet bars, patio kitchen stations, garages, or attics.

Install the water heater directly at the point of use. Installing it in any place is quite simple. You can do it yourself by just plugging it into a 110-120v electric supply socket. However, make sure the system is ultimately charged with water, and all air is removed before plugging in.

Learn more about the key features of Camplux Me40 below.

·      Thermostat Function and Freeze Protection

It is equipped with an automatically adjustable thermostat and an internal freeze protection system.

Whenever the heater isn’t used for some time, there is a possibility of the heater freezing. The freeze protection is made to keep the heater from freezing.

·      Endless hot water

Since it’s a point of use water heater, it will serve you in-demand hot water minimizing waiting time. The hot water to the outlet faucet is instant. Also, its stand-by time is minimal regardless of the location it’s installed. However, with a capacity of 4GPM, it is not the most suitable tankless water heater for larger homes. It’s able to supply up to 2 sinks one at a time.

·    Compact size

They are lightweight and friendly in small spaces. You can install it on the floor, shelf, or mounting on the wall. Installation is easy. You only plug them into a 120v electric socket. After use, ensure you disconnect the power cord from the electric outlet.

What our team liked and its benefits

  • The 4-gallon glass-lined tank offers great insulation against heat loss. The tank capacity provides point-of-use hot water that supplies up to 2 sinks at a time.
  • Thermostat Control prevents the risk of freezing whenever the water heater is not being used.
  • Its stylish and attractive exterior design makes it possible to be mounted on the wall or shelf and will blend in seamlessly.
  • Friendly to small spaces due to their compact design.
  • Simple 120-volt plug-in connection to quickly Hot water supply at the point of use. It comes with a water pressure release valve that prevents improper functioning of the system when the pressure is off.

Product information

  • Product Dimensions; 25" H x 11.75" L x 10.38"
  • Color; white
  • Features a digital display
  • Weight; 20 pounds
  • Voltage; 220 volts
  • Wattage; 1440 watts
  • Size; 2.5 gallons.
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Higher initial costs.
  • You will need to reroute your gas lines
  • Colder climates are not ideal

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7.  Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater - Eliminate Time for Hot Water

  • Value for money.
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This water heater is a one-time investment that will fit well into your budget and will give you value for money. It’s sleek and beautiful and is designed in such a way that it’s durable, energy-efficient; compact, thereby saving space, and lightweight to enable you to install it at the point of use.

One outstanding feature of the Bosch tankless water heaters over traditional water heaters is the gas condensing technology.

A condensing unit will capture latent condensation heat from the exhaust gas and will use it to preheat the incoming cold water thus making them 10% more efficient.

For the pressure relief valve, it’s recommended to follow instructions to avoid moisture leakages carefully.

It’s a best seller in the market with a star rating of 4.5 out of 5. Learn more about Bosch tankless water heater below.

·     Endless On-Demand Hot Water

They work on demand to provide hot water when needed and as long as it’s needed. The big advantage of an on-demand hot water supply is that reduces needless energy consumption cutting water heating costs down to 50%.

It fits well under your kitchen or bathroom and sinks faucets. Get instant hot water in your apartment, RVs, in your basements, garages, and pool houses.

·    Built-in digital control panel

Bosch tankless water heater has an inbuilt control panel with no high to low setting but it’s digitally controlled with precise temperature increments of 2 degrees increments.

·    Maintains efficiency over the life of the device

With inbuilt turbulators, the Bosch water heater will work efficiently and last long because this feature prevents sediment build-up and scaling that normally reduces the operating efficiency. Most customers report that they have used their Bosch water heater for nearly 15 years with no instances of failed operation.

What our team liked and its benefits

  • Energy efficiency; the unit scored 94 percent in the conservation of heat energy, making it thermally efficient.
  • Independent installation; you can install it independently right where you need it. You can mount the water heater on the wall or fit it under your kitchen sink or bathroom.
  • Eliminates long waits for hot water; it’s designed to recover heat faster, thus cutting short the time taken to heat the water.
  • Saves space; it is great for small areas due to its compact size. Make sure you get the right dimensions.
  • The glass lining offers insulation against loss of heat and it's designed in such a way that it’s durable.

Product information

  • Product Dimensions; 75 W x 13.75 H x 13.5
  • Color; white
  • Weight; 9 pounds
  • Voltage; 120 volts
  • Wattage; 1440 watts
  • Size; 4 gallons.
  • Easy to install
  • Temperature Control
  • Value for money
  • Tech Support
  • Inconsistent water temperature
  • Initial installation is costly
  • Might require additional maintenance.

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8.  AB Wise Water Tankless Instant Water Heater - 18kW 3/4”NPT for Domestic Hot Water 

  • Energy saving: 50% less energy.
  • Protection feature: over-pressure, electricity leakage, scalding,  and overheating.,.
  • Lower energy costs.
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This equipment is designed with an array of unique features, unlike other water heaters. It has an automatic memory, which saves you the time and energy of repeatedly setting the temperature. Other features coming along include a stainless steel heating element keeping it corrosion and aging resistant and IMD slash-proof casing.

These important features make this product one of the opted options of water heaters giving it a star rating of 4.6.its also quite beautiful to look at, thereby providing the right blend wherever it’s placed.

What our team liked and its benefits

  • A guaranteed continual supply of hot water on demand. The stainless steel heating element keeps the water temperature consistent, thereby giving you long showers hot no matter how many.
  • Saves up to 50% on your heating cost due to its 99.8 percent energy efficiency.
  • It’s Durable. The stainless steel heating element is corrosion and aging-resistant; thus, you will enjoy using this water heater for quite a long time.

Product information

  • Product Dimensions; 19 x 14.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Color; white
  • Weight; 9pounds
  • Voltage; 240 volts
  • Wattage; 5 KW
  • Size; 4 gallons.
  • Longer warranties.
  • Ideal for homes with limited space.
  • Lower energy costs.
  • Access to instant hot water.
  • Additional equipment when installing.
  • High initial cost.
  • Colder climates are not ideal

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9.  ECO TOUCH Tankless Water Heater Electric - Remote Control Digital Display Energy with  Hot Water Heater

  • Eliminates standby heat losses.
  • Durable.
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Armed with a patented self-modulation technology, this model is truly an eco-friendly water heater that will significantly save your energy loss and cut down on electric bills to 60 percent. It features a digital display and touches control panel that will enable you to heat water conveniently when you want to do light tasks such as washing your hand or taking a bath, giving you a warm and relaxing feeling.

Its 4.6 stars rated product in the market, makes it a much sought-out electric tankless water heater that you should give a try.

What our team liked and its benefits

  • It’s a multiple application device that you can use in your kitchen sink to wash dishes and also in the bathroom giving you an endless supply of hot water.
  • An array of features such as a digital display and control panel enables you to heat the water conveniently.
  • Multiple safety precautions are simple to follow on different occasions.

Product information

  • Product Dimensions; 19 x 14.4 x 5.5 inches
  • Color; black
  • Weight; 95 pounds
  • Voltage; 240 volts
  • Wattage; 9 KW
  • Size; 4 gallons.
  • Material; metal, aluminum, brass
  • Required Circuit Breaker: 1x 2-Pole 40 AMP

  • Eliminates standby heat losses.

  • Saves on space

  • Durable. It will last longer.
  • Access to continuous hot water.
  • Expensive initial installation.
  • Requires additional maintenance.
  • Colder climates are not ideal

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10.  Atmor At-S901-13 Tankless Electric Hot Water Heater- 13Kw

  • Ideal for a full bathroom.
  • 3 settings:  medium – 8. 5Kw, low – 4. 5 kW. high – 13Kw,
  • Value for money.
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For the efficiency and convenience of hot water, this unit is the perfect solution. This equipment is designed with an array of unique features, unlike other water heaters. It provides an instant unlimited flow of hot water on demand. It offers value for your money for your bathroom needs due to a water saver design feature that ensures it reaches its optimum performance.

It’s one of the opted options of water heaters giving it a star rating of 4.6.its also quite beautiful to look at, thereby providing the right blend wherever it’s placed.

Other features are illustrated more below. Continue reading to learn more about AB-wise tankless water heaters.

  • Technology for modulation

This model, which is equipped with patented self-modulation technology, is truly an eco-friendly water heater that will significantly reduce energy loss and reduce electric bills by up to 60%.

  • Display

It has a digital display and a touch control panel that allows you to easily heat water when doing light tasks like washing your hands or taking a bath, giving you a warm and relaxing feeling.

  • Auto-memory

It also has an automatic memory, which saves you time and energy by not having to set the temperature every time.

What our team likes and its benefits

  • These devices are also less expensive than competing products in terms of energy, water, money, and time. However, performance should not be underestimated. It works great with hot water stability.
  • The showerhead is specially designed for a moment of relaxation in the bathroom. Ideal for any bathroom.
  • Continuous supply of hot water on demand.
  • The stainless steel heating element keeps hot water steady so you can take a hot bath for as long as you want. With an electricity consumption of 99.8%, you can save up to 50% on heating costs.
  • Stay for a long time. The stainless steel heating element is resistant to corrosion and aging, so this water heater can be used for a long time.
  • There are plenty of appliances for washing dishes in the kitchen or regularly supplying hot water in the bathroom.
  • Many features such as digital graphics and a control panel make it easy to heat water.
  • In many situations, several safety precautions can be easily implemented.

Product information

  • Dimensions 7.3 x 3.5 x 11
  • Weight -  5 pounds
  • Color White
  • Consumption 240 volts
  • Wattage 13 kw
  • Value for Price
  • Installation is simple.
  • Long-term warranties
  • Ideal for small-space living.
  • Reduced energy costs.
  • Instant hot water is available.
  • Might develop a heating complication
  • Expensive initial installation.

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Troubleshooting Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters usually have minimal issues that could arise either right after installation or even much later. However, whenever these issues occur consider following these procedures. It will surely keep your tankless water heater running, and lengthen its life.

First Step:  check on the filter. The filter could be clogged with debris, and you need to clean it. Cleaning the filter is a simple do-it-yourself task that does not necessitate the use of any tools. Users should sign up for a preventative maintenance program if their installer offers one.

The Second Step: is a crossed water line. To identify and rule out a crossed water line, you shut the cold water valve to the tankless and open a hot water (only) faucet in the house. Pressure should quickly bleed off to zero. If water keeps flowing, you have proved a crossed water line.

The Third Step: remove the flow restrictor from the head because it could be the cause of lack of flow.
If you get in the shower and turn it on to full hot to get the water, but the heater fires back up, on and off, it could be due to low flow, and only need to remove the flow restrictor.

After extensive research and testing over these tankless water heaters, getting the single best water heater is not that straight forward and an ideal water heater has to be one that first fits your home and your intended needs. We hope this will give you a good buying guide when looking for your ideal electric tankless water heater.


Even when the initial cost of installing a tankless electric water heater might be higher compared to tank water heaters below are an array of benefits of investing in an electric tankless water heater.


Tankless water heaters save fuel up to a 50% reduction in fuel. This is because they do not have to maintain a supply of hot water. They are also fully modulating, thus making them more fuel-efficient.

If you want to know what your savings are, we recommend having the "Energy Guide" sticker. This is an "estimate" of the cost to operate the product for a year. This will guide you in comparing the different energy use of traditional and tankless water heaters.


Compared to their counterparts, the traditional tank-type water heater tankless water heater saves a lot of space.

A tank-type heater installed in the garage requires a floor stand, a pipe to protect against vehicle impact, and frequent venting to the roof while on the flip side, a tankless water heater is wall-mounted and can be sidewall vented, keeping the cost of venting close to a minimum.


A tankless water heater provides enough capacity to meet hot water needs. They can fill all the tubs of a home and then offer back-to-back showers, do the dishes, and wash the clothes.

On the other hand, a tank-type heater has to be very large to do all of these things without running out.

With the best tankless heater with the proper capacity, it is possible to handle multiple household needs at once without the worry of running out of hot water.


Tankless water heaters are very easy to work on. With the help of a manometer, a convenient tool to have, you can measure how long they are going to last, which is about 20 years on average.


With the greenhouse movement, it’s probably ideal to own an electric tank than a gas tank. Electric tanks have zero greenhouse emissions while gas tankless produce greenhouse gases and rely on fossil fuels.

  1. PRICE

The initial installation cost for electric tankless water heaters might be higher than the traditional tank water heater but in the long run, the electric tankless one cuts down on the electric bill thereby recovering the cost. A good quality electric tankless water heater can average between $500 to $800.

Gas tankless venting requirements are quite expensive. gas tankless prices are between $1000 to $1200.

Do Tankless Water Heaters Need Maintenance?

Well, water heaters need maintenance for a 12 to 18 months period depending on the number of people in your home. You might consider doing these routine checkups to check on the status of your water heater.

Minimum Flow Rates

Checking on the minimum flow rate your flow rate is an important consideration when doing maintenance. This will impact the performance of the water heater. The flow rate should be a minimum of 0.5 GPM, which is the recommended number or less for a residential application and one that will operate well down to about 30 PSI system pressure.
Whenever you start experiencing problems with your water tankless heater Look for it in your owner’s manual.

Venting Tankless Water Heaters 

Poor Venting might drastically reduce the life span of your water if the water heater is not vented correctly. The product will condensate, thus making it fail. Also, it could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.
Venting can be done on a tankless water heater, either out a side wall through horizontal venting or on the roof. During installation ensure that there is room for proper venting.

Water Pipe Connections

During installation, call on a professional plumber to do the water pipe connection. They will ensure that the inflow and outflow of your tankless water heater are running correctly.

Hard or Acidic water

To protect your tankless water heater from acidic water, you might consider installing a neutralizing system. Acidic water will eat the copper piping in a tankless water heater as well and shorten its life and well possibly void the warranty.

A tankless water heater might develop a leak heat exchanger, but even then, that part can be replaced, and your tankless is back in service without a replacement unlike With a tank heater where once the tank gets a leak, you throw it away and you get another one. This makes tankless heaters more environmentally friendly because less material is going into landfills. Energy saving

Is The Tankless Water Heater Worth It?

Below are some of the reasons that will make you consider buying a tankless water heater besides endless hot water having a limited impact on the environment.
One a very small compared to traditional water heaters saving you valuable space.

  •  it's built with such materials as copper, stainless steel, and aluminum that are replaceable and might last a lifetime.
  •  They are almost entirely recyclable.
  • Will not develop a corrosive leak like a storage-tank water heater, saving you from expensive water damage in your home.
  •  Capable of maintaining efficiency throughout the lifetime of the unit.
  • with its efficiency in energy savings in the long term, it will translate to dollar savings for you.

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